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Liberator Touch Screen

Sleek and powerful, with a space-saving design, the touch-optional OptiPlex 3011 All-in-One enhances workforce productivity and collaboration – a winning combination in a single package....Continue reading

Resale Rewards

Resale Rewards is a Customer Loyalty Program that works directly with your Liberty4 Consignment software! Customers keep track of the rewards they earn directly through the Resale Rewards app on their Mobile Phone. Resale Rewards helps you build loyal customers in this new world of mobile technology - a key to your success! ...Continue reading

Payment Options

Resaleworld has partnered with Marlin Business Services to provide affordable financing to all our new and existing customers....Continue reading





Closed - Holiday Hours

Our offices will be closed to observe the Christmas and New Years Holiday on Mon, Dec 26th and Mon, Jan 2nd. There will be normal emergency support hours (10a-2p est.) on Sat, Dec 24th and Sat, Dec 31st. Happy Holidays!





Very Terry Consignment

"I have had my consignment store for 18 years. In the beginning I was manual, and when I took the big leap to computerize, I made a terribly poor first choice in software. I don't want to trash anybody, but I would like to share an email from the owner of the company of the first consignment software I bought. I saved it because I thought it was so incredibly outrageous: "This bug causes the program to crash and thousands of account activity records to be written to the consignors account and the account balance to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars." Yikes! This, in my book, is grounds for suicide! I take my work seriously and this is not the kind of issue I deal with very well. After total frustration I bought from Resaleworld. I guess to really appreciate the best, you have to first experience the worst! Liberty is logical, sophisticated, fast and basically brilliant. It meets all my needs beautifully. I can not imagine any room for improvement, but they somehow keep making it better. I consider Resaleworld the cadillac of consignment software."