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Liberator Touch Screen

Sleek and powerful, with a space-saving design, the touch-optional OptiPlex 3011 All-in-One enhances workforce productivity and collaboration – a winning combination in a single package....Continue reading

Resale Rewards

Resale Rewards is a Customer Loyalty Program that works directly with your Liberty4 Consignment software! Customers keep track of the rewards they earn directly through the Resale Rewards app on their Mobile Phone. Resale Rewards helps you build loyal customers in this new world of mobile technology - a key to your success! ...Continue reading

Payment Options

Resaleworld has partnered with Marlin Business Services to provide affordable financing to all our new and existing customers....Continue reading





Announcing Extended Support & New Weekend Hours

Resaleworld is extremely proud to announce our new Extended Support Service! The idea of Extended Support is that our talented Support department can take on more of your IT needs, drastically reducing your reliance on third party technical assistance. A large part of this plan involves actively monitoring the health of your Server and Workstations, addressing issues before they impact you.

Extended Support includes the following:

  • Liberty Database backed up to offsite (cloud) storage
  • Monitoring of all Liberty Services & Processes
  • Monitoring of Server/Workstation Health & Utilization
  • Critical documents (non-liberty) backed up to offsite (cloud) storage
  • AntiVirus/AntiMalware protection
  • Live Chat w/ Resaleworld Support
  • Configuration & Troubleshooting of network peripherals
  • Priority Technical Support

With Extended Support, our team is more accessible than ever before and our coverage extends further than it ever has before. Most importantly we help you to avoid costly downtime.

Extended Support is an optional service available to all Liberty users with an active Technical Support Plan as well as to all Liberty Cloud customers.  Click here for a side-by-side comparison of Support Coverage with and without Extended Support.  The rates for Extended Support are as follows:

Liberty Desktop

$35/mo for Liberty Server

$15/mo for Each Additional PC

Liberty Cloud

$15/mo for Each Workstation

Extended Support billing is handled as a part of our regular Support & Tag Plan billing system. You can be set up for either quarterly or annual billing. The annual billing discount applies to Extended Support in the same way that it applies to Standard Support Plans and Tag Plans.

The number of PCs you choose to cover with your Extended Support plan is not dependent on the number of Liberty licenses you have, nor is availability constrained to machines where Liberty software is installed. For Liberty Desktop installations, the Liberty Server must be included as part of Extended Support coverage.

It's been over seven years since we began offering weekend support, and it has proven to be an extremely valuable service for our customers. We often receive feedback that four hours of coverage isn't enough, especially for our West Coast customers. We also receive feedback that sometimes having to wait from Saturday afternoon until Monday is too long. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that there is sufficient need to increase our coverage over the weekends. 

Effective March 10th, our Saturday Emergency Support hours are expanding by two hours. The new Saturday hours will be 10AM EST - 4PM EST.

Additionally, effective March 11th, we will begin offering Emergency Support on Sundays from 10AM EST - 4PM EST.

That's right, Resaleworld now offers Technical Support seven days a week!

As we only have a limited staff on duty for these weekend hours, we are still limiting the help provided to mission critical issues - problems that are significant enough to impact business operations. We ask that non-critical questions be saved for our regular business hours.

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce a revision to our policy concerning the installation of Liberty Updates.

Effective immediately, our Support Team will install Liberty Updates for you at no additional charge. We ask that updates for 3+ User installations be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Upgrade installations must be scheduled during our regular business hours - Monday through Friday, starting no earlier than 9AM EST, and completing no later than 6PM EST.





South Lyon Resale Shoppe

A little more than a year ago, I decided that it was time to upgrade my computer. After running into a few snags that I was unfamiliar with, I allowed the local computer tech that I purchased the system from to be my liasion with ResaleWorld. As it turns out, I made an absolutely HORRIBLE decision about who I chose to purchase my computer from and trust with my software update needs. He continually tried to convince us that Resaleworld didn't know what they were talking about and that they were misinforming him on topics that they knew nothing about. Apparently, no matter WHAT advice he received from Resaleworld, it was incorrect! Imagine that! I didn't find out until after-the-fact, but he elected NOT to follow specific directions from Resaleworld, INCLUDING choosing to omit a final step in a software loading process that prevented the system from running properly. The whole point of this email is to BE SURE to let you know how INCREDIBLY HELPFUL AND PATIENT you all have been in our time of need (particularly Alex and Angel)! They went OVER THE TOP with troubleshooting our problem, as well as trying to reassure us that they would get the problem solved! We found comfort in knowing that we had such phenomenal support from Resaleworld, and we actually (FINALLY) started to believe that we just might find a way to get back to normal operation! Recently, I had another couple of panic moments set in while getting back to computer entry, so Tech Support, here I come! It was the first time I had spoken with Russell, but, let me tell you....he, TOO, is now up on the same pedestal as Alex and Angel! He was patient, kind, understanding, and INCREDIBLY helpful! I don't know what type of training you offer your tech support staff, but I'm sure it's not JUST their training, it's the type of people they are. Helpful, calm, reassuring, kind.....I could just go on and on! I hope that you'll find some way to reward Alex, Angel, and Russell for going the extra mile....the extra mile that helps put a good feeling in your customers' hearts and a smile on their faces!