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Liberator Touch Screen

Sleek and powerful, with a space-saving design, the touch-optional OptiPlex 3011 All-in-One enhances workforce productivity and collaboration – a winning combination in a single package....Continue reading

NextGen Pricing System

Resaleworld has partnered with NextGen Resale Systems to provide fully integrated, real-time pricing for our new and existing customers. An item’s optimal sell price and price range appears automatically upon entering the item category, condition, and brand. ...Continue reading Children’s pricing system, Woman's pricing system

Payment Options

Resaleworld has partnered with Marlin Business Services to provide affordable financing to all our new and existing customers....Continue reading





Closed - Holiday Hours

All Resaleworld Departments will be closed 12-25-2015 through 12-27-2015 and 1-1-2016 through 1-3-2016. The Resaleworld Technical Support Department will be closed at 6:00pm eastern time on 12-24-2015 & 12-31-2015. Happy Holidays to all!





EZ Auction Stop

"EZ Auction Stop was the first eBay drop-off consignment store in Houston, Texas. We opened in January 2004. After 17 years doing software selection, development and implementation for Fortune 500 companies (not to mention having a mother who had a consignment store for 25 years) I had big plans to write our own software. Just as we were kicking development into gear we came across Trading Assistants. Based on years of software experience I was skeptical that it could really meet our needs or be close to what we planned to build. Wow! What a pleasant surprise! It had everything we planned to develop, based on what we had learned by processing our first 1,000 auctions (the hard way!). In fact, it had some features we hadn't yet thought of. Of course, that was the demo, but would it "really work"? From the first, pre-release version we implemented all the way through to the latest update, the functionality, reliability, and ease of use has continued to please. 4,000+ auctions later we are huge fans and plan to use it in all of our stores. I am still amazed at how few problems we have experienced, and even more pleased with the additional features that have been seamlessly and elegantly added with each subsequent release. I only wish the huge software companies that I worked with in the past had developed software that was half as solid, functional, and bug-free as this! Thank you, ResaleWorld! Trading Assistants definitely makes it EZ."