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Liberator Touch Screen

Sleek and powerful, with a space-saving design, the touch-optional OptiPlex 3011 All-in-One enhances workforce productivity and collaboration – a winning combination in a single package....Continue reading

NextGen Pricing System

Resaleworld has partnered with NextGen Resale Systems to provide fully integrated, real-time pricing for our new and existing customers. An item’s optimal sell price and price range appears automatically upon entering the item category, condition, and brand. ...Continue reading Children’s pricing system, Woman's pricing system

Payment Options

Resaleworld has partnered with Marlin Business Services to provide affordable financing to all our new and existing customers....Continue reading





New Liberty Cloud Product Video

Check out the latest Liberty Cloud product video on our Youtube channel. Liberty Cloud is the perfect product for multi-store organizations, mob consignment events or for stores who want easy remote access.






"At A1AuctionStore, we are big fans of ResaleWorld, and for many good reasons. First off, their Liberty For Trading Assistants (L4TA) program is the best value we found to run our eBay consignment business. We did not want to use a Web-based solution, and we had to have a program that could cover every possible aspect of running our whole business. No other program or Web-based solution came close to providing the powerful functionality that L4TA does, including the image-hosting that greatly automates and simplifies the whole auction picture process. The cost of the program and image hosting was so affordable, it simply blew us away. We also opted to purchase a technical support plan, which is another great value with an attractive price (and it paid for itself in less than 7 days!).

Secondly, ResaleWorld is a company of very caring individuals who really showed their commitment to customer service with us early on. During the free software demonstration period (you can try this software out FOR FREE!), we had hoped to learn the program and train our workers to use it. Sadly, a family member passed away during this critical and busy time for our corporation, and we lost the chance to learn how to properly use the software. ResaleWorld stepped up during this critical and difficult time, and every member of the company helped us to set up and use the software. The sales staff helped us to pick the correct solution for our needs and budget. The technical support personnel answered all of our questions in a timely and professional manner. ResaleWorld even created a custom template that best shows our brand and message in all of our listings! All in all, they came through for us in a big way, and we can recommend them and their products to anyone. Thank you ResaleWorld for everything."