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Liberator Touch Screen

Sleek and powerful, with a space-saving design, the touch-optional OptiPlex 3011 All-in-One enhances workforce productivity and collaboration – a winning combination in a single package....Continue reading

Resale Rewards

Resale Rewards is a Customer Loyalty Program that works directly with your Liberty4 Consignment software! Customers keep track of the rewards they earn directly through the Resale Rewards app on their Mobile Phone. Resale Rewards helps you build loyal customers in this new world of mobile technology - a key to your success! ...Continue reading

Payment Options

Resaleworld has partnered with Marlin Business Services to provide affordable financing to all our new and existing customers....Continue reading





Hurricane Irma aftermath

Resaleworld's offices are once again open, however at present we have no internet access within the building. We are hopeful this situation will be remedied soon, however widespread outages due to impacts from Hurricane Irma may delay this process. This internet outage will disrupt the MyResaleworld service as well as our FTP Server, rswpartner.com. Several links, documents, and downloads contained in forum articles are hosted on rswpartner and will not function until internet access is restored. All reCommerce sites and the Resaleworld Forums are hosted in an offsite data center, and are thus not impacted. All Cloud instances are hosted in other states throughout the US and are also not impacted.





Putt'n on the Ritz

"When I came into this business, I worked for a prior consignment shop for 1 year before I opened my own. The program was very easy to learn, I would not still be in business if it wasn't for Liberty, I recommend it to anyone that is thinking of opening up a shop, or switching systems to get this program. You may have to pay a little more but you get what you pay for!!! The support team was very helpful in helping me install the system and get it customized to my needs. I can print out any report I need and have accurate figures. I would be in a ton of trouble if I had to figure it out in my head lol.... When I plan on opening my second store, I will be giving Resaleworld all of my business. Thank You Resaleworld for making it very easy to do my job, take care of my merchandise and my customers without the hassle of having to keep up with paperwork!"