About our Competition

Don’t believe everything you read…

Resaleworld has and will always have a ‘NO DISPARAGING‘ policy about our competition. We feel that our customers and software are what makes our company great and that we can easily stand on those merits alone. Unfortunately, our competition has to resort to other methods in order to separate themselves from us including misleading our prospects about our services and fees. You should always consider the source when you hear any negative comments about our company. We ‘strongly’ urge you to talk to our customers about our technical support, customer service, and sales staff. We are second to none.

There are a few misconceptions floating around the internet that do need rebuking…

Watch out for hidden fees!

This one seems to be a favorite for our competition. Bottom line…you can buy our software and never spend another dime with us. Of course, we have fees for ‘technical support’…a requirement if we’re going to keep 6 technical support technicians available. Our rates for technical support are clearly posted in our support section.

Extra cost for a home license

If you want to install Liberty at home to run reports, not a problem. You don’t need to buy an additional license.

We’ve converted Resaleworld customers.

Anyone who has converted probably did so in the last century or was never really a Resaleworld customer. Just because they are listed on their site doesn’t mean anything. Make sure you call! We have acquired 5 competitors over the past 15 years who have sold out to us. Some of these customers decided to go with other software. Our competitors point out that they stopped using Resaleworld – which is not really the case. Finally, some customers listed as conversions on our competitors website are still currently Resaleworld customers! We love that….

Please make sure you talk to our sales reps about the ‘many’ recent conversions we have done. Please make sure you talk to the stores in your area who are using our software.

“The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price has faded away…”