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Choosing Consignment Shop Names

Choosing consignment shop names is fun and creative process, in which you should be encouraged to think outside the box. Selecting a name for your new business is by far one of the most important decisions that you will make because the name of your shop will be the first impression your consumers have. However, in choosing this name you want to make sure and consider what you want your name to say to your customers, as a bad name can truly affect the way your business is perceived. For example if you select a name like, “Thrifty Joes”, people are automatically going to assume that you are a thrift shop, which is not true! Consignment and thrift stores are totally different and you want to be sure your customers know what your business is just by the name.

When selecting consignment shop names you should ask yourself:

  • How would I define my business?
  • What do I want consumers to know about my shop at first glance?
  • Does my location affect the store name?
  • What products will I specialize in?
  • And much more!
    • Brainstorm Consignment Shop Names, Then Take the First Steps to Run Your Very Own Store!

      Once you have brainstormed and decided on a consignment store name it is time to take the next step, which is selecting a program to help you best run your new business. At Resaleworld you can view a ton of great options for software. You will find only the highest quality programs at the right prices. So get brainstorming and then start researching consignment store software to best help you run your new shop!