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Liberator-Touch Screen


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Make this a server? (i.e. we will add more memory)

Sleek and powerful, with a space-saving design, the OptiPlex 3011 AIO enhances workforce productivity and collaboration – a winning combination in a single package.

A completely configured system at a great price. With a fast Intel i3 processor and plenty of power, you'll be up and running in no time. Trust us, you'll feel liberated! Buy this system if you plan on having one computer in your store or if you want to add another computer to an already existing multi-computer network.

System Includes:

  • Large Hard Drive (500GB)
  • Plenty of Memory (4 GB)
  • Thumb Drive for Backups
  • 19.5" Touch Screen Monitor
  • 3 Yr. Next Day On-Site Warranty
  • Windows - 7 Professional - 64 Bit or Windows - 8 Professional
  • Power Backup
  • Pre-loaded with any of our Liberty products (additional cost)
  • Fully configured with all the necessary drivers to get you up and running

We've taken away all your headaches and decisions by combining the leading personal computer maker with the industry leading consignment software program on the market.

Just open the box and plug it in and you'll be ready to go. No need to figure out what kind of computer you should buy and no need to hire a tech to help you figure out how to hook up all those peripherals (you know, printers and all that stuff). We've completely preconfigured this system so that it's ready to run, period. Seriously, just plug it in!!!

Here are a few details...

Dell Optiplex 3011 Computer


The right fit for your workspace

Seamlessly integrate your space-saving all-in-one into any office environment and deploy on virtually any desk.

Conserve valuable desk space with a clean and simple all-in-one design. Work comfortably in virtually any position using the optional articulated stand. Further minimize desktop clutter with an optional wireless keyboard and mouse. Deploy with flexibility and select from multiple configuration options. The All-in-One model is one of four OptiPlex chassis designs.

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    THERMAL Receipt Paper - 50 rolls. Used for Thermal Receipt Printers. ( Ithaca, Citizen, and other thermal Receipt printers.)
  • Quickbooks Troubleshooting

    Not sure exactly what's going on in Quickbooks related to your Liberty software? Let us hep you figure out your questions.

  • Liberty Training in San Antonio

    This training class will be open to ALL Resaleworld customers. You do not have to be attending the NARTS conference to attend.

    This year's training session is special in that it will be heavily focused on our entirely new Liberty 5 software, which is currently in the latter stages of development and testing.

    This training session will be held on Thursday, June 21st. The exact time, venue, and capacity for this session have yet to be determined, however it's safe to plan on a full day's worth of material (last year's training ran from 9am - 5pm), and the venue will either be at or very near the site of the conference - The Westin Riverwalk.

    We will prepare an itinerary for this session as it gets closer. You can certainly expect thorough coverage of new features as well as major changes to features that existed in Liberty 4. We will definitely have a "Things every Liberty 4 user needs to know about making the switch to Liberty 5" portion of the training, such as covering the entirely new security management system.



  • Citizen Thermal Receipt Printer - Ethernet

    The New CT-S601 is your Next Best Printing Solution for your receipt applications as it not only offers more features for less price than any other competitive model but it has an industry leading 3 year warranty. It features...

    • High-speed (200 mm/s) printing

    • Compact design can be installed anywhere

    • Equipped with a fast and quiet cutter

    • Easy to clear cutter jams

    • Built-in cash drawer kick-out interface

    • Barcode and 2D barcode printing supported

    • 2-color printing supported (when specified paper used)

    • Can be desktop or wall mounted

    This printer is the perfect addition to your cloud solution.  It does NOT need to be attached to a computer in order to work.

    You will need a router in order to use this printer for your cloud solution. You can use this printer on your desktop with either USB or ethernet as well. A router is always required if you plan on using ethernet.