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Liberty Training in Minneapolis

Liberty Training in Minneapolis


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You do not need to be attending the NARTS conference to attend this all-day seminar.   We invite any and all Resaleworld customers to join us.

Here's the agenda for the NARTS training being held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis on Thursday, June 22, 2017.

9:00am - Welcome to NARTS

9:15am - Best practices in security (work-arounds, CC theft, old accounts)

9:45am - Top 5 Reports that will help you figure out your business

10:30am - Break
10:45am - Advanced L4C Features you didn't know where there.

11:45am - How to use the new pricing guide

12:00pm - Lunch on your own

1:00pm - Creating more loyal customers with store credit

1:15pm - Using Liberty to market to your customers (Constant Contact)

1:30pm - Inventory reconciliation

1:45pm - Purchase outright and other item entry features. 

2:15pm - What's new in the online world (Shopify, QuickBooks Online, Omni-Channel, Snobswap, Customer Connection)

3:00pm - Break

3:15pm -  Managing your system. Is cloud right for you?

3:45pm - Resale Rewards

4:15pm - Liberty4 Consignment V5 Sneak Preview!

4:45pm - Q&A

5:00pm - End of training

Because this event is being held at a fixed size venue, class size will definitely be limited to 50 attendees. Last year we filled the class very early so register soon.

Training will be in the Superior Room at the Hyatt Regency.

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    Price includes three *1 GB USB Flash Drives as well as the Liberty Backup Utility.

    *capacity subject to change based on availability.
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    • High-speed (200 mm/s) printing

    • Compact design can be installed anywhere

    • Equipped with a fast and quiet cutter

    • Easy to clear cutter jams

    • Built-in cash drawer kick-out interface

    • Barcode and 2D barcode printing supported

    • 2-color printing supported (when specified paper used)

    • Can be desktop or wall mounted

    This printer is the perfect addition to your cloud solution.  It does NOT need to be attached to a computer in order to work.

    You will need a router in order to use this printer for your cloud solution. You can use this printer on your desktop with either USB or ethernet as well. A router is always required if you plan on using ethernet.

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