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Liberty4 Consignment Features


At the core of Liberty4 Consignment lies the account management functions. First, we made it extremely easy to find accounts and customers. On-screen filters let you see the status of items instantly. You can also view key historical information and produce letters, reports and lists with the touch of a button. Some of the more prominent features include.

  • Look up accounts 7 different ways.
  • Open multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Set defaults for fast account entry.
  • Track unlimited addresses.
  • Track unlimited e-mail addresses.
  • Customizable account screens.
  • Easily browse through item detail.
  • Pay accounts a certain amount.
  • Easily create merged letters or contracts.
  • View purchase history.
  • Track reward points.
  • View item summary information.
  • Enter unlimited account notes.
  • Delete or deactive unwanted accounts.


An consignment program is only as good as its' ability to manage inventory. Liberty allows you to enter and track your inventory with a variety of tools and options unlike any other program. Some of the more prominent features include.

  • Customizable item entry screen.
  • Turn off fields that you don't use.
  • Set defaults for fast item entry.
  • Easy "Purchase outright" option.
  • On-screen item history during entry.
  • Track MSRP and market value.
  • Edit costs on Purchased items.
  • Duplicate"Items" option for Retail.
  • Add "Personal Notes" on any item.
  • Over 10 different tag styles.
  • Add categories and attributes on-the-fly.
  • Track users who add, modify or void items.
  • Categorize items by location.
  • "Pricing Guide" w/Sales History pop-up.
  • Price editor allows pricing my manager.
  • "Custom" foe;ds fpr additional information.


Liberty was built with the input of thousands of consignment stores from around the world. Simplicity and flexibility are the most important adjectives used to describe how this program will make your life simpler and more productive. Feature for feature, no program matches Liberty4 Consignment. Some of the more prominent features of Liberty include.

  • True "multi-tasking" windows program.
  • Built on one Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Training mode makes for faster learning.
  • Fabulous on-line help.
  • Multi-level password protection.
  • Simple payment history screen.
  • Extremely simple interface.
  • Customizable screens.
  • Integrates directly with quickbooks.
  • Unlimted splits and markdowns.
  • Unlimited tax types.
  • Built-in backup and restore.
  • Self fixing database reduces downtime.
  • Grows with you when you expand.
  • Item sales history displays on checks.
  • User defined transactions.
  • Handles customer, consignor & vendors.
  • Hundreds of time saving features.


Point of Sale lets you easily ring up sales and replaces the need for a cash register. It's a snap creating sales and processing refunds. Tracking layaways, rewards, customer purchases and processing credit cards are all included in these highly flexible and feature-filled application.  Some of the more prominent features include.

  • Flexible setup for any type of store.
  • Integrated credit card processing.
  • Quickly add items not in inventory.
  • Scan items by UPS or PLU #.
  • Quickly add new customers.
  • Suspend sales.
  • Easily make sales tax-exempt.
  • Override consignor net.
  • Edit sale prices with one click.
  • Create your own payment methods.
  • Use store credit as payment method.
  • Pay consignor at POS.
  • Track reward points.
  • Easily track layaways.
  • Optional screen layout.
  • Touch-screen enabled.
  • Void sales functions.
  • Over 100 time saving features.


Liberty allows you to pay accounts at any time. You can make a payout immediately following an outright purchase, you can make a payment on demand if an account walks in or you can print checks at the end of the month while doing a complete check run.  Some of the other features include.

  • Pay consignors with checks or with cash.
  • Pay consignors on-demand or by batch.
  • Accounts automatically updated.
  • Transactions can be help for payment.
  • Easily view transaction history.
  • Simple payment history screen.
  • Easily browse through item detail.
  • Pay vendors for outright purchases.
  • Pay a consignor at any time.
  • Print checks on ink-jet or laser printers.
  • Clear checks to help reconciliation.
  • Charge optional check fee.
  • Void or reverse inaccurate checks.
  • Item sales history displays on checks.
  • Optional check message.
  • Delete individual checks during check run.
  • Export check information to Quickbooks.
  • Over 45 time saving features.


Liberty comes with a variety of tools to create reports, letters, post-cards, contracts and emails. The report writer is a very flexible and well organized module which allows the user to create a variety of reports which can be saved and rerun at any time. Some of the other features include.

  • Now with over 85 management reports.
  • Ability to save reports as "Favorites"
  • Generate reports for any time period.
  • Export reports to external formats.
  • Choose from 10 different tag styles.
  • Ability to batch reports at any time.
  • Print tags in bulk or for individually.
  • Send emails to one or many accounts.
  • Print bar codes for speedy scanning.
  • Built-in "Word" like word processor.
  • Ability to merge consignor information.
  • Ability to email item lists.
  • Ability to email payout history.
  • Insert logos and images into your letters.
  • Easily create marketing post-cards.
  • Trickle email already built in.