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Why the Best Consignment Shops Choose Liberty4

All of the Best Consignment Shops are making the switch to Liberty4 Consignment Software. Liberty4 is chock full of time and money-saving features like account management, inventory management, point of sale, the ability to pay consignors, and reports, email, and word processing. Liberty4 is great for any consignment, thrift or resale store. Multiple users and locations? Not a problem! Liberty4 is easy to use across many different stores.

Account Management is one of the most important features in a consignment software program. Here are just some of the what Liberty4 has to offer:

  • The ability to look up accounts multiple ways
  • Track unlimited address and emails
  • View purchase history and track reward points
  • Easily browse through item detail
  • Whether you are starting a new store or upgrading existing software, Liberty4 is easy to get started with. The technical support staff at Resaleworld is the very best in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing the finest, most reliable support for all of our software programs. All of the best consignment shops in the country are able to say that they have Resaleworld's excellent support team behind them.

    Not quite sure if you are ready to take the leap to a new consignment software program? Take a test drive with Liberty4's completely free demo. Have questions or concerns? Just give us a call at 1-800-785-4800 anytime during the week between 10am and 5pm, and we'll be happy show you how Liberty Software can turn your store into one of the best consignment shops around.