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Consignment Store Names

Choosing consignment store names is sure to be one of the best parts of opening your very own consignment store. However, you must consider how important the name of your store is going to be, meaning you need to be sure that the name of your business clearly communicates to potential customer what exactly your business specializes in. For example, if you chose to name your new store “Thrifty Pickins”, it is important to ask yourself, what does this name communicate to my customers? Well, this name may be a poor pick as you are not opening a thrift shop, which is implied in the name. Consignment and thrift stores are two very different businesses and a name like “Thrifty Pickins” will ultimately make your consumers think you are a thrift shop, which you don’t want!

In coming up with consignment store names it is important to ask yourself the following:


  • What is the goal/purpose of my business?
  • How would I define my new shop?
  • What is the first impression I want my store’s name to make on consumers?
  • What are potential negative names that I want to avoid?

Selecting the Right Consignment Store Names

When it comes to naming your new business do not take this step too lightly as your store’s name is the first impression your consumers will have about your new business. Take the time and energy to carefully brainstorm a list of well thought out names. Once you decide on a name it is then time to consider what software and hardware you will be using to most effectively run your business. Once you reach this step it is time to visit Resaleworld.com to help you choose the best consignment software program to meet all of your needs!