Liberty 2002

Do you currently use our Liberty 2002 consignment software? It is important for you to know that it has been shelved and no new upgrades will be coming out for it. Don’t worry though! Switching to Liberty 4 is easy! No need to convert. Just install the upgrade and you are ready to go. Here are just a few key differences:

  • Payment buttons for credit cards, store credit, gift certificates and gift cards are all now located on the home screen.
  • The new POS module is laid out more intuitively, almost like how a receipt is laid out.
  • The item field is less cluttered, making it easier to understand the item entry process.

Liberty 2002 and Liberty4 both share the same core. This makes it very easy for users that are used to the Liberty 2002 to upgrade with very little difficulty. Because most of the screens follow the same layout there is very little for you and your employees to learn. In fact, the new POS system is even easier to use! Because there are now fewer clicks required from the user the checkout process can be completed much faster.

Questions or concerns about upgrading from the Liberty 2002 software? Give our support staff a call at 800-785-4800. They are standing by to help make sure that your transition to the new Liberty4 software goes as smoothly as possible, with zero disruption to your business operations.