NextGen Children's Buying/Pricing System

Includes all the Liberty4 functions and more—configured specifically for children’s resale owners.

Pricing/buying.   Includes:

  • Automatic price suggestion—based on item type, features, brand and condition.  Updated continually
  • Automatic pay suggestion for items being purchased a) outright, b) on consignment, or c) in the off-season
  • Instant on-line price checks
  • Automatic and instant on-line recall checks. Updated weelky.

Other features include: Customer account windows designed to inform and enhance the buying process; automatically populated forms for drop offs,
layaways, consignment, car seat sales; drop off labeling and tracking; ability to pay bonuses and store credit bonuses with or w/o gift cards; size conversion chart for clothing, shoes and tights; automatic,
daily, on-line system backups, a rich complement of pre-configured inventory, profit and sales reports geared to key merchandise groups; and the optional buyback (rental) program.

Training and Support:  NextGen provides on-call, How-ToTraining and Support.  A 50-page Guide is provided specific to the NextGen Application.


  • Train new buyers in the matter of hours not weeks
  • Price to sell with ample operating margin
  • Free up owner/manager time by spreading buying responsibilities
  • Cut price/brand researching and buying time dramatically
  • Improve pricing transparency, consistency and customer trust

$199(<4 wkstations);$299(4+wkstations) per store–setup
$19.99 per/mo–ongoing updates, online pricing and support
It’s now been five years since NextGen Resale and Resaleworld partnered to offer the Women’s, Children’s and Juniors Pricing Systems to

“NextGen provides a professional and reliable system that I rely on a lot and has been very helpful to me and my new business. Their knowledge and experience in children’s resale has been a key asset to me …,”


“NextGen Resale and Liberty 4 … saved our business! Literally! We went from a software nightmare to the exact experience we always hoped for! It is amazing and we could not imagine running our business SUCCESSFULLY with any other …”