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NextGen Women's Pricing

The Women’s Fashion Pricing System suggests the best price and price-range at which an item of apparel, accessory or piece of jewelry will sell based on Item type(category) and brand—75 categories, 5000+ current brands and growing. Prices are calibrated to fit your market, based on past sales, selected competitor sales, or market demographics.  It operates seamlessly within the Liberty 4 POS; suggested prices appear automatically upon entry of the item (category) and brand. Alternately, a quick click of the POS  button and online pricing pages appear allowing buyers to calculate or double check suggested prices.  As a statistical tool, based on sales of multiple stores across the country and ongoing retail price-checks, it is ever-changing, ever-improving, forever current.  Prices and brands are updated continually. A 30-page Pricing Guide is included.  How-to support 7 days /week.

  • Train new buyers in the matter of hours not weeks
  • Guard against the tendency of unsure buyers to under-price
  • Raise bottom-lines—how much are you “leaving on the table”?
  • Cut price/brand researching and buying time dramatically
  • Free up owner/manager time by spreading buying responsibilities
  • Improve pricing transparency, consistency and customer trust

$699 per store
$149 ongoing updates, online pricing and support

It's been a a year since NextGen Resale and Resaleworld partnered to offer the Women's, Children's and Juniors Pricing+ Systems and related support to owners. It's going well.

"We have been working with Nextgen Software since we opened our store two years ago. The software is very user-friendly, updates and improvements are being made frequently. There is always a new 'tool' to discover to expedite our work tasks. We look forward to using the latest edition, it is very exciting!!”


"NextGen Resale and Liberty 4 … saved our business! Literally! We went from a software nightmare to the exact experience we always hoped for! It is amazing and we could not imagine running our business SUCCESSFULLY with any other ...!!”


"Again, I cannot say thank you enough for helping us. You have been an amazing resource! ... I have recommended you whenever it comes up in the Facebook groups!”


"I am very happy with the program, I like the structure of it and the ability to tweak things to go within the region your store is in. I also appreciate your willingness to create new categories and add other things that I ask for.”

GP Canada

"THANK YOU SO MUCH ... I am so pleased you are working so diligently to make this an easy transition. ...so thankful for your patient help and knowledge ... . Blessings and success”


"... actually trained 2 people (3 if you count me) in 3 weeks on how to price women's clothing using your system. In the past, it would take 3 months or more to train someone. We are extremely happy with your pricing system and plan to purchase the children's pricing system in the very near future”