NextGen Women's Pricing

The Women’s Fashion Pricing System suggests the best price and price-range at which an item of apparel, accessory or piece of jewelry will sell based on Item type(category) and brand—75 categories, 5000+ current brands and growing. Prices are calibrated to fit your market, based on past sales, selected competitor sales, or market demographics. It operates seamlessly within the Liberty 4 POS; suggested prices appear automatically upon entry of the item (category) and brand. Alternately, a quick click of the POS button and online pricing pages appear
allowing buyers to calculate or double check suggested prices.  As a statistical tool, based on sales of multiple stores across the country and ongoing retail price-checks, it is ever-changing, ever-improving, forever current.  Prices and brands are updated continually. A 30-page Pricing Guide is included.  How-to support 7 days /week.

  • Train new buyers in the matter of hours not weeks
  • Guard against the tendency of unsure buyers to under-price
  • Raise bottom-lines—how much are you “leaving on the table”?
  • Cut-price/brand researching and buying time dramatically
  • Free up owner/manager time by spreading buying responsibilities
  • Improve pricing transparency, consistency and customer trust

$199(<4 workstations);$299(4+wkstations) per store–setup
$19.99 per/mo–ongoing updates, online pricing, and support

It’s now been five years since NextGen Resale and Resaleworld partnered to offer the Women’s, Children’s and Juniors Pricing Systems to

“We have been working with Nextgen Software since we opened our store two years ago. The software is very user-friendly, updates and improvements are being made frequently. There is always a new ‘tool’ to discover to expedite our work tasks. We look forward to using the latest edition, it is very exciting!”


“NextGen Resale and Liberty4 saved our business! Literally! We went from a software nightmare to the exact experience we always hoped for! It is amazing and we could not imagine running our business SUCCESSFULLY with any other …!”


“Again, I cannot say thank you enough for helping us. You have been an amazing resource! … I have recommended you whenever it comes up in the Facebook groups!”


“I am very happy with the program, I like the structure of it and the ability to tweak things to go within the region your store is in. I also appreciate your willingness to create new categories and add other things that I ask for.”

GP Canada

“THANK YOU SO MUCH … I am so pleased you are working so diligently to make this an easy transition. …so thankful for your patient help and knowledge…. Blessings and success”


“… actually trained 2 people (3 if you count me) in 3 weeks on how to price women’s clothing using your system. In the past, it would take 3 months or more to train someone. We are extremely happy with your pricing system and plan to purchase the children’s pricing system in the very near future”