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Open Your Consignment Store with Liberty4 Software

The journey to open a consignment store begins with first understanding what consignment means. In order to open a successful consignment business you must understand how the process works. First, it is important to understand that not all second hand shops are consignment stores. Consignment is a very specific process in which there are two parties involved: a consignor (person with goods to sell) and a consignee (person who will sell the goods). The consignor and consignee then enter an agreement in which the consignor still owns the goods until they are sold and also agree upon a percentage that the consignor will receive once the goods are sold. Once this process is understood it is then time to begin thinking about what type of software you will use to facilitate this process. One of the most popular software programs available today is the Liberty4 program.

To open a consignment store Liberty4 will make this process a smooth one, as it comes with an immense amount of features, including:

  • The ability to look up accounts 7 different ways
  • Easy purchase outright option
  • Online help
  • Edit sale prices with one click
  • And much more!

Open a Consignment Store Today With Liberty4

Once you thoroughly understand what consignment means it is now time to choose Liberty4 software to best help you manage your new business. This software is so easy to use, anyone can do it! Learn more about this amazing software program today by checking out the full product listing at Resaleworld. Plus, we are so confident that you will love Liberty4 you can try our demo risk free for 90 days. Start using Liberty4 today risk free and see why thousands of other consignment store owners across the country have chosen Resaleworld for all of their consignment software and hardware needs.