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Opening a Consignment Store

If you are opening a consignment store you already know the importance of selecting a location, hiring competent staff, having a catchy name, and stocking the very best inventory. What you may not know is how important it is to have the right consignment software. Liberty4 Consignment Software is the best consignment software on the market. Not only is it easy to use and customizable, it also comes backed by the very best support staff in the industry. Here are just some of the reasons why thousands of consignment stores are choosing Liberty4 for their consignment software needs:

  • Find customers and accounts with ease
  • Produce reports with the touch of a button
  • Track MSRP and market value
  • Enter and track inventory
  • Track layaways, rewards and customer purchases

Those are just a few of the reasons why so many business owners are choosing Liberty4 when opening a consignment store. We know how much work goes into starting a business, and the last thing on your mind may be setting up and configuring a new computer and point-of-sale system. That is why we offer packages that come ready to plug in and go. Our package specials include important items such as a cash register, credit card reader, Dell computer, receipt printer, and more!

Try Free Demo Before Opening a Consignment Store

Would you like to take Liberty4 on a test drive before making a purchase? Not a problem! We are so certain that Liberty is the best consignment software on the market we will let you try it for free for 90 days! Just give our sale staff at 800-785-4800 or fill out our demo request form to get started today.