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reCommerce Tour Page 1

Come with us on a brief tour of some other major features of the reCommerce system.

reCommerce comes standard with so many features, we couldn't list them all here. Chances are, if there is something you need, it's there.

Easy to use!

We've made reCommerce extremely easy to set up and use.  We've tailored the interaction between you and your store to be very simple. Quite frankly, once you have set up your store, you will rarely have make any other changes.

Create and manage your products through any of the Liberty4 product lines. You can select whichever products you want to be uploaded to your online store. Just process your items as usual in Liberty and watch your sales improve.
Shopping Cart/Checkout
reCommerce comes with a complete shopping cart solution. It calculates shipping, taxes, discounts, and more. It also collects and stores customer information and allows your customers to view their orders, wish lists and products on hold.
Consignor Login Area
Keeping your consignors informed about their products and financial status is a very important aspect of any consignment store. Your customers will love the way they can check their account at their own pace.
Froogle Integration
You can set reCommerce to automatically post your items to Froogle, Google's online search for products, quickly and easily. Every week items will be sent to Google to allow consumers around the world to find your items quickly.
Payment Processing
Accept credit cards through our preferred payment processors, Authorize.net. You can also use Paypal or Google Checkout. We will help you with all your payment processing needs. Just fill out a few forms and we will do the rest including securing your site.
Your reCommerce store calculates shipping rates based on weight and distance travelling by FedEx, USPS or UPS. We can help you figure out what to do with shipping fees, handling and setting up your UPS and USPS accounts.
Track statistics, view past orders, collect customer information, search orders and customers and send bulk e-mail to your customers.
Coupons, Sales, Bulk Rates, and more
reCommerce offers a wide varietry of tools to increase your overall sales. Some of these tools includes specials, deals ( such as buy 1 get 1 free, or buy 2 get next 50% off, etc ), sales,  coupons, featured products and customer discounts.