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Recommerce is a relatively new term, introduced within the past decade, but you may be asking yourself, but what does it mean? Well, let us break it down for you so you can best understand how recommerce directly relates to the consignment shop business. The most simplistic definition of this term is it is that exact opposite of commerce, which as you may know is simply the term for buying and selling goods, especially on a large scale. Recomerce, however, is the process in which you are reselling goods to merchants. This is comparable, but not identical, to the consignment process in which the seller comes into a consignment shop seeking to have the consignee sell their goods for them. The consignment process differs slightly from recommerce as the consignor does not get paid for their goods until they are sold in the consignment shop. After the goods are sold the consignee will then take a portion that is agreed upon, of what the consignor’s item sold for.

Recommerce additionally involves several other factors, including:

  • It is the responsibility of the merchant to discard any product one it reaches it shelf life
  • It is a continuous cycle of buying and selling
  • New goods become used goods, used goods in turn become reused goods
  • And more!

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