reCommerce - FAQ

What makes the ShopRW 'Plan A' different than the other reCommerce Plans?

Plan A is for stores who want to advertise what’s in their store or provide a viewing catalog only. Some merchants don’t want to commit to shipping products or doing eCcommerce transactions over the web, so this could be the perfect solution for you.

How many products I can have on my website?

We have several choices for you to choose from whether you are using the Shopify, eBay or ShopRW platforms. Upload all the items your plan allows directly from Liberty and concentrate on products that are special, unique and can be easily shipped.

What’s the best way for me to add Product Pictures?

You don’t have to take a picture in order for your item to appear on your website – but customers want to see what they are buying! Use our Mobile Item Entry App (Apple Store/iOS) to take photos with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch or you use a digital camera. Liberty can work with all of them.

What are my Payment Processing and Credit Card Authorization options?

Many customers using the Shopify platform will use ‘Shopify Payments’ as it is the easiest way to process online orders through your Shopify store. If you are using the ShopRW platform, Resaleworld provides payment processing options through our preferred partner (Payment Logistics) or you can gateway with Authorize.Net. You can also set up PayPal as an alternative form of payment. It’s really up to you how you process online payments.

Unfortunately, you can’t use your in-store merchant account for selling online, it will require a separate ‘online’ Merchant account. Merchant providers treat off-line transactions completely different than online web orders. Their thinking is that because the transaction does not take place with someone actually giving you a physical credit card, then there is a higher chance of a fraudulent transaction.

Are my online transactions secure?

Yes. When using the ShopRW option, we use industry-standard SSL encryption for all credit card processing. Resaleworld never houses any credit card data and all our checkout options are secure and meet all PCI compliance guidelines. Shopify is also certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

How do I see my online orders?

Online orders will be downloaded into your Liberty software once you are connected through one of our reCommerce plans. They will look just like regular sales in Liberty except you can add on additional products or fees (such as delivery charges) all before you process, complete and ship out your orders!

Can I process International orders?

Yes. Both ShopRW and Shopify are designed for the world market. With multilingual and multicurrency capabilities, all of our merchants can sell to the rest of the world

Can I modify my store content?

Whether you are using ShopRW or Shopify, you can update your site as often as you want, from wherever you happen to be. There are many variables which can be easily changed.

What if I want to change my online stores look and feel?

Different layout options are always available. If you are using your own web developer, you should check with them to see what’s possible. If you are the mechanic on your own site, you’re in charge! Resaleworld is happy to offer design assistance with ShopRW websites, but we do have to charge for edits and development changes. If you are using Shopify, they can supply assistance through their Help Center.

What about Statistics?

Both ShopRW and Shopify track an incredible amount of information related to visitors, orders, and searches related to your site. You will be able to look at this information whenever you feel like it. These numbers are great for making informed decisions about your storefront.

Can I use my own domain name?

Absolutely! If you already have your own [], once you have finished building your new website, you can point (direct) your domain name and replace the existing subdomain. ShopRW will provide a [] subdomain and Shopify will provide a [] subdomain. Either can be replaced by your own [.com].

Can I get technical assistance for my reCommerce service?

Yes of course…any functionality issues you experience with any of our reCommerce integrations would be covered under your annual Support Plan attached to your Liberty software account. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, our fast and effective support team is at your service. If you are not on a Support Plan, please contact Customer Service right away and get signed up!

What about my customer’s privacy?

Your customer’s information is made available only to you. We never share customer data, personal information or statistics about you or your site.

Is there a contract with any of the reCommerce integration services?

All of our reCommerce integration services are on a month to month basis. No Contract.