A new generation of payment processing has arrived!

Why choose ResalePay?
  • EMV Ready (Chip)
  • ApplePay / Google Wallet
  • Wireless terminal
  • Easy to understand pricing model
  • Works through a cellular service for pop-up sales

Resaleworld strives to offer the best available resources to build your business and make your bottom line profitable. In addition to selecting the top consignment software in the world to help run your business, choosing the right platform to process your business’ payments is also essential.

Zift Payments, our newest partner, has a proven track record of providing reliable, value-added services to merchants. Zift’s processing technology is built directly into the Liberty REACT point of sale software system.

Zift is a recognized industry leader in payment processing and card data security. ResalePay sits directly on Zift’s backbone and allows us to offer all the key benefits and features that Zift has to offer.

Key benefits of integrated processing

Fast, simple enrollment

Our online application will have you approved in less than 5 minutes! Just fill out a few pieces of information and you will be notified right away.

Cost-Plus Pricing

We’ve simplified the billing model so that it’s easy to figure out. We pass along the VISA/MC costs to you and then add a flat fee to your bill to handle the infrastructure and integration costs. It’s that simple!

Currently available only for US merchants.