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With ResalePay, you get all the benefits of integrated payments plus access to an in-house payment team, who will work with you to make your experience as easy as possible.
  • In-house payment specialist
  • Checkouts are automated and accurate
  • Reporting will be real-time
  • Flexible payout options
  • Support 24/7

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Integrated Payment Processing

Frequently Asked Questions

ResalePay is Resaleworld’s integrated payments experience. With ResalePay, customers can process payments directly through the Liberty REACT platform, which means checkouts will be accurate every time, rates will be competitive, reporting will be real-time and customizable, payout options will be flexible, and support is always 24/7.

Integrated payments means there is a single automated transaction at the point of sale. Because of that, there are no duplicate entries or manual reconciliation required. Transactions and checkouts are accurate every time.

ResalePay is Resaleworld’s very own integrated payments product. To support this product, we built an in-house team that can provide the white-glove service you need to get up and running.

And for after hours questions, you have access to Cardpointe for 24/7 support.

ResalePay works best with the Ingenico Lane 5000 and the Clover Flex. Pick the hardware that works best for you, work with our payment specialist to set it up, and start processing integrated checkouts.

We support flexible and modern payment methods like: credit cards, debit cards, contactless, ACH, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

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