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Running a Consignment Shop

Running a consignment shop is sure to take a substantial amount of time and energy, however, it is going to be so worth it once you are a successful business owner and are your own boss! One of the biggest decisions you will make in running your own store is choosing a software to help you best operate your business. One of the best software programs currently available to help you do this is the Liberty4 consignment software program. This program has a ton of great features that will allow you to run your new business as smooth as butter.

Running a consignment shop with Liberty4 software will provide you with a ton of great options, including:

  • Account Management – including the ability to look up accounts in 7 different ways, open multiple accounts at the same time, pay accounts certain amounts, and more.
  • Inventory Management – including the ability to turn off fields you don’t use, set defaults for fast item entry, and more.
  • System Features – including user defined transactions, unlimited tax types, and more.
  • Browse the full listing of features here

Running a Consignment Shop With Liberty4

As a business owner we understand the need for simplicity and ease-of-use in a software program and that is why here at Resaleworld we definitely recommend Liberty4 to best help you run your consignment shop as smoothly as possible. You will find that Liberty4 is extremely easy to use and flexible, meaning anyone can learn to use it. Learn more about Liberty4 today and begin to realize all of the incredible benefits this software program can offer you as a business owner. Start browsing Resaleworld today! Not sure if Liberty4 is right for you? Try a 90-day demo completely FREE. Talk to our helpful staff to get any questions you may have answered.