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Laser/Inkjet Checks FREE CHECKS! (Initial Order Only)

Laser/Inkjet Checks FREE CHECKS! (Initial Order Only)
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We carry a complete line of custom formatted check styles to meet your accounting preferences.

Our checks are manufactured with special security features that make copying or alteration easy to detect! Our checks exceed the standards set forth by the Check Payment Systems Association guidelines. We use the security certification icon ("Padlock Icon") on all checks. Even though the CPSA calls for two standard security features on each check, we offer...

  1. Warning Band: Found in the borders, it indicates the security features of the check for easy identification.
  2. Security Pantographs:  Our custom check backgrounds are designed to limit reproducibility by scanning or photocopying while ot obscuring check readability.
  3. Padlock Icon: Warns that the check is security protected. The icon is also shown on the back with a description of at least two security
  4. "MP" Logo: stands for Microprinting and is recommended by the CPSA
  5. MicroPrinter Signature Line: Made up of microscopic lettering which repeatedly reads "ORIGINAL DOCUMENT" with the type that is too small
  6. Security Screens: Reads "ORIGINAL DOCUMENT SCREEN" on the back of each check and lists security features included. The security screen will not photocopy clearly.
  7. "VOID" Pantograph: Our Linen pantograph contains the traditional "VOID" security screen embedded in the pattern. When photocopying is attempted, the word "VOID" becomes visible.
  8. "Thermochromic Ink Spot": This security feature is printed with specialty ink that disappears when rubbed or exposed to a heat source. The functionality of the ink does not work when photocopied.

In order to complete your order you must...

  1. Email / Fax / Mail a VOIDED check along with your order. (orders@resaleworld.com / 407-297-0640 / 8034 Sunport Dr. Suite 404, Orlando, FL 32809)
  2. Fill out the Check Order information above.
  3. Email us your artwork (if chosen) to 'orders@resaleworld.com'. Put your order number in the subject line. You can use 'GIF', 'JPG','BMP', 'TIF' or 'PNG' images.
  4. Approve your check proof once we email you a confirmation.

Here are the different check formats available...

If you require faster shipping than our regular turnaround period (12 days), please make your choice from the options above. Additional charges will apply.

Click here to read a handy guide on ASCENDING vs DESCENDING check order. It can be quite confusing.

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