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PAX S300 Credit Card Terminal

PAX S300 Credit Card Terminal
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NFC Add-on
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You will be hard pressed to find a credit terminal terminal with as many features as the S-300. It's the perfect addition to any busy consignment/resale store.

The PAX S300 is designed for retailers who place a high value on ease of use, durability, and PCI Compliance. The S300 is a fully featured, customer facing terminal with a color touch screen. It is available at a much lower price point than other terminals with similar features. The ADA style key pad accommodates the visually impaired. The bi-directional magnetic stripe reader is strategically positioned between the display screen and PIN pad to improve security and usability. The sleek and elegant design encourages use by customers, helping to reduce your cost of payment transactions.

The S300 easily integrates with either Liberty 5 or Liberty 4 Consignment (both Desktop and Liberty Cloud) making it the perfect solution for merchants who want to be secure and compliant.

With a built-in NFC reader, it can handle Apple Pay and other contactless type payment methods.

Furthermore, you can use the S300 to capture signatures for Cash Payouts and Store Credit Payments.making it an integral part of your daily routine.

With Liberty 5, the S300 can be used to capture signatures for Consignor Contracts!

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