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Professional Package

Professional Package
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This full package gives you the ability to easily print your price tags, and scan your tags at the point of sale for quick and accurate checkout...plus the ability to print out detailed customer receipts with an electronic cash drawer to hold your cash.   Your packages includes:

Your packages includes:

*You'll want to sign up  if you haven't already with one of our integrated credit card processors.  Utilizing this feature means having several needed things for today's shopping experience.

  1. Your cashier does not have to touch the credit card device or touch the customer's card (a sanitary requirement today!)
  2. The customer does not have to hand you their card or wait for you to type in the sale amount(no customers want to have someone else handle their card on a retail transaction and no one likes waiting)
  3. The data is securely transmitted to the credit card device automatically from the point of sale in Liberty (fast and accurate-no chance of human error)
  4. The sale amount is automatically transferred to the device (no typing in of sale amount, no errors, and no slowing down of the checkout process!)
  5. Competitive rates (competitive pricing makes this a no-brainer!-why would you opt to do this process manually?!)
  6. Same day funding to your checking account (many companies make you wait 48-72 hours to get your funds in your account-holding on to your money!)