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Liberty Software Onsite Training

Liberty Software Onsite Training
Our Regular price: $750.00
Contact our Customer Service Department
at 800-858-1758 x.201

*Training rates start at $750 per day
*Travel expenses and Per Diem are additional and quoted separately

Here at Resaleworld, it is our mission to ensure that we have provided all the tools to help you and your team learn everything about Liberty and how it can simplify your store operations with a flexible and feature rich software product.

Whether you are a small business owner or overseeing a multi-store organization, finding the time to train your associates can be time consuming. In addition, you want to see and learn advanced features of Liberty and who is going to train you? 

Why not have one of our highly skilled software technicians provide you, your team of associates, cashiers or managers the full attention of an on-site training. 

Here are some great reasons to consider on-site training:

Location: Keeping everyone together so everyone is learning together has always been a successful and advantageous approach. No one gets left behind!  

Privacy: Having a training day within your own facility provides a sense of comfort and privacy for your team so they are more apt to open up and get involved! 

Content that is tailored to your needs: This isn't a 'one size fits all' training; this is a customized training solution based on your needs and challenges. Whether you want to focus on a list of specific and detailed topics or you want more of a general overview of the Liberty basics such as creating Accounts, adding Inventory, learning the Point of Sale etc, you call the shots!

Your Schedule: You choose the date, and you choose the times. Need training on a Saturday? We can do that!

Alternative Topics:
QuickBooks Integration
Email and Word Processor Overview
Inventory Reconciliation
Tax Exempt Accounts
Account Reconciliation
Group Deductions
Security Levels

Scanner Setup
Omni 2D Scanner