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Start a Clothing Consignment Store

Asking how to start a clothing consignment store means you have taken the very first steps to becoming a business owner. The consignment industry is a great field to get into as recycling and upcycling are more popular than ever! Individuals are now looking for thrifty ways to save money and still look great in top of the line brands. This can be achieved through shopping at consignment stores, where customers will surely find great items that can be upcycled into something that looks brand new and/or buy name brand items at an affordable price. Consignment clothing is the way to go if you want to look great it top of line brands, but don’t want to spend a fortune.

To start a clothing consignment store you must first understand what consignment means and how the process works. The consignment process will go something like this:

  • The consignor (the person relinquishing goods) places goods in the consignees possession to sell.
  • The consignor and the consignee agree on a percentage that the consignor will receive once the goods are sold.
  • The consignee then tries to sell the goods – the consignor will still maintain ownership until the items are sold.
  • Once the items are sold the consignor is paid and the process is complete.

Start a Clothing Consignment Store Today!

Now that you understand the consignment process it is time to begin the exciting adventure to owning your very own store. You can now begin to make important decisions like coming up with a name and choosing a consignment software. A great place to begin this exciting journey of owning your own business is to check out Resaleworld and begin browsing software today!