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"We opened the first Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Retail store in November of 2002 on the West side of the Twin Cities in Orono, on Lake Minnetonka. This store is designed as the proof of concept for the model. In June of this year we opened the second store in St. Paul after several years of 'waiting' for the right location. This store is designed to prove the "replicability" of the model. With these two stores up and running, we are in the process of franchising the model nationwide and have completed filing of the UFOC (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular) in Minnesota and in Maryland. Barbara's goal is to have 50 stores up and running over the next 5 years and be contributing $10 million dollars to Breast Cancer causes(specificaaly underserved women, early detection programs and hospice care for those who have lost the battle) Liberty Inventory and Liberty POS have been our software choices since our inception, now giving way to Liberty 4 Consignment. While we are neither a thrift store (in the traditional sense) or a consignment store, the software has readily adapted to our needs. When it didn't, the Resaleworld staff has been there to help us modify the output to meet our objective. Everything in our stores is donated, either by upscale retail clothing and furniture stores, or by individuals who like to see their gently used articles go to this cause. We don't 'haggle' over prices and we don't have a system of periodically reducing prices like a traditional thrift store. We also provide our donors with an itemized year end inventory (by January 20th of the following year), just in time for taxes. The Liberty system has allowed us to operate this way which we feel has helped us maintain our market edge. As we roll out the franchise operation, there are a lot of unknowns. It's nice to know that our inventory and POS system are not part of them. We will require our franchises to use the Liberty system because we know how well it fits our operation. Pictures of our two stores and some of the items we offer, as well as more about the Foundation and it's operations can be found on our website: www.hopechest.us. Thanks for your interest."
Jay Hensley
Users: 3

"I recently opened my first consignment store and am using the Liberty 4 software. Resaleworld has been great with customer support, since this is my first retail store I have had alot of questions! The Liberty software has made running my store much easier and more efficient. I can easily keep track of my inventory, print price tags, and run reports. I can't imagine having to do this by hand! I would highly reccommend them for software and hardware for consignment stores."
Susan Parks
Users: 1

"Liberty4 Consignment is an efficient, effective software program. It has provided me with the structured tool I need to maintain a successful consignment business, along with the flexibility to customize areas to my individual preferences. The sales department is pleasant to deal with and extremely knowledgeable, with hands on experience using the products. The technical support division is fast, thorough and willing to speak my language (not so computer literate). My experience attending a 3 day training seminar was all positive. I returned home with a wealth of knowledge gained from the instructors, and money saving tips I learned over lunch from other attendees!"
Amy Helgren
Users: 2

"We opened a consignment furniture store a little over 1 year ago. While researching consignment software, we downloaded and tested software from many different companies. We made a decision to purchase Liberty, even though it was a little more expensive than the other software available. We felt the features and flexibility Liberty offered its users more than justified the price difference. The purchase of Liberty has been the main component in making our store a success. It allowed us to customize the software to our personal preferences. Liberty allows us to focus on selling merchandise and minimizing the amount of time we spend on back room paperwork. We have recently expanded to a multiuser license and upgraded to Liberty 4 Consignment. The decision to upgrade to Liberty 4 Consignment, as with the original decision to go with Liberty, has already begun to pay off. The staff and support from Resaleworld is truly 1st class.
Jeff Pakarinen
Users: 2

"When I bought the Closet Exchange, all work was done on paper; hand written tags, weekly checks and daily recording of consigned and sold items. Everything was kept in multiple binders and required a minimum of 2 hours of paper work each night. The Liberty software/program eliminated all that and gave me the time to grow my business. We now have thousands of consigners, 4 stores and are still growing. We couldnt have done any of this without the Liberty software/program and the amazing support team at Resaleworld. The new Liberty4 Consignment program is as easy and intuitive to use as Liberty 2002. Its dozens of new features and capabilities make it the perfect choice for any growing company and for any company looking to do business on the web."
Brenda Stark
Users: 7

"With Resaleworld's help, we implemented Liberty without slowing down our pricing average of 7,000 unique pieces per day. We've gone from having virtually zero data to understanding how well certain categories are selling. Liberty has allowed us to start to get the information that will make a difference in our business!
Robert Griffin
Users: 25

"The Liberty program is excellent, I love it. I always feel secure that when I need any assistance and support that I will receive a quick and accurate response." This program has all the resource I need. It actually gets better all the time. It makes me want to do a better business with all the resources it has available to me!! "
Jacqueline Hunnefeld
Users: 2

"At A1AuctionStore, we are big fans of ResaleWorld, and for many good reasons. First off, their Liberty For Trading Assistants (L4TA) program is the best value we found to run our eBay consignment business. We did not want to use a Web-based solution, and we had to have a program that could cover every possible aspect of running our whole business. No other program or Web-based solution came close to providing the powerful functionality that L4TA does, including the image-hosting that greatly automates and simplifies the whole auction picture process. The cost of the program and image hosting was so affordable, it simply blew us away. We also opted to purchase a technical support plan, which is another great value with an attractive price (and it paid for itself in less than 7 days!).

Secondly, ResaleWorld is a company of very caring individuals who really showed their commitment to customer service with us early on. During the free software demonstration period (you can try this software out FOR FREE!), we had hoped to learn the program and train our workers to use it. Sadly, a family member passed away during this critical and busy time for our corporation, and we lost the chance to learn how to properly use the software. ResaleWorld stepped up during this critical and difficult time, and every member of the company helped us to set up and use the software. The sales staff helped us to pick the correct solution for our needs and budget. The technical support personnel answered all of our questions in a timely and professional manner. ResaleWorld even created a custom template that best shows our brand and message in all of our listings! All in all, they came through for us in a big way, and we can recommend them and their products to anyone. Thank you ResaleWorld for everything."
Chris Golden
Users: 1

I'm very satisfied with reCommerce and it has greatly improved my business.
Kelly Pleasants
Users: 3

I just wanted to say how happy I am that I chose Resaleworld and the Libery software. Everytime I have had technical issues, they have been solved very quickly. I think the quality and customer service is wonderful! I look forward to making it to a training class with my store manager in the near future as I know there is so much more that we could be doing with the system! Thank you again!
Sue DeBack
Users: 2

"I couldn't be happier with our new computer system that Resaleworld.com installed this week. It sure is nice to have computers that react when you tell them to do something. Dean was awesome. He really knows his stuff. Renee also did a great job tracking everything. It was well worth every penny to buy my new system from you and have it installed by your company. We avoided so many quagmires we fell into the last time we bought a new system. To have everything (all seven computers, printers, etc) up and running within a day is amazing. Thank you so much for our new system."
Kitty Boyce
Users: 7

"My wife and I opened our store over 3 years ago using Liberty 2002 and have recently upgraded to the new Liberty 4 Consignment. Besides making inventory and Point of Sale a breeze for our staff, our customers are impressed with the professional looking, easy to read tags.(We use the thermal tags and barcode scanner.) Our consignors appreciate the up to the minute accurate information Liberty 4 Consignment provides us for their account. I don't see how anyone in this day and age could use handwritten tags.""
Arthur Waldman
Users: 1

"We've been using Liberty for just about 5 years and I can't say enough about this company and product. We originally started on Liberty for Windows and upgraded to the newest program. Resaleworld made some changes for us and I can not believe how productive our staff is with the new product. It's absolutely incredible. Resaleworld has made our business easier to run and has made life for both me and my sister a lot simpler. Thanks Ed for all your hard work."
Judy Rhodes
Users: 25

"I own three stores in Orlando, Florida. We buy used items and resell them. Items that don't move quickly in either store, we sell online with eBay auctions. About two years ago, we bought Liberty 2002 and then recently upgraded to Liberty4 Consignment and it has changed the way we do business. I was able to concentrate on my merchandising and focus on my customers and let Liberty do the rest. I could not imagine life without it . The staff at Resaleworld is awesome. We rarely need to contact technical support but when we do they are always friendly and knowledgeable to me and my staff. Dean, you are a rock star!!! I did all the research. If you don't go with Liberty you're just crazy!!!"
Kerri Colangelo
Users: 10

"When I came into this business, I worked for a prior consignment shop for 1 year before I opened my own. The program was very easy to learn, I would not still be in business if it wasn't for Liberty, I recommend it to anyone that is thinking of opening up a shop, or switching systems to get this program. You may have to pay a little more but you get what you pay for!!! The support team was very helpful in helping me install the system and get it customized to my needs. I can print out any report I need and have accurate figures. I would be in a ton of trouble if I had to figure it out in my head lol.... When I plan on opening my second store, I will be giving Resaleworld all of my business. Thank You Resaleworld for making it very easy to do my job, take care of my merchandise and my customers without the hassle of having to keep up with paperwork!"
Mandy Hook
Users: 1

"I opened my shop in 1992 and didn't even know consignment software existed. Started with Liberty for DOS and am now up to LC4. I have always received great tech support-although we rarely need it-and everyone at Liberty has been good to us. My favorite things about the program are the easy ways I can get reports, pay out consignors in batches & run mailing labels for just those who have made purchases in a certain time period. Wouldn't dream of ever switching to another program. You guys rock!" I have always received great tech support-although we rarely need it-and everyone at Liberty has been good to us. My favorite things about the program are the easy ways I can get reports, pay out consignors in batches & run mailing labels for just those who have made purchases in a certain time period. Wouldn't dream of ever switching to another program. You guys rock!"
Debbie McDaniel
Users: 2

"When we decided to open our shop in 2003, we debated on whether to start out by using a manual tagging system or a software program. Once we decided computerizing was the way to go, it didn't take long to determine that Liberty was the right program for our store. Feature for feature, Liberty offered more features than the other programs out there and the price was right to boot! We are now into our 4th year of business, and with over 3500 consignors, we are very pleased with the performance, stability, features, and flexibility that this software has been providing our shop. We also signed up on bulk tag program that offers added value for tags and other products and enrolled in their support plan which gives us unlimited access to exceptional technical support. Before you decide on what software you will use in your store, make sure you test drive Liberty - you will see how well the software fits your business."
Richard Neth
803-736-5446 opt 4
Users: 2

"For those who maybe viewing these posts wondering if to invest in this program (such as I did), I highly recommend Liberty 4C and Resaleworld! The program can pay for itself with item fees and the support is top shelf!"
Don Read
Users: 4

"ResaleWorld's Trading Assistant 2004 is an integral component in our rapidly growing eBay consignment business. It has offered us the ability to rapidly create listings and manage our workflow between employees. We expect the client/server platform to be a tremendous asset as we expand our franchise."
Geremy Gersh
Users: 6

"Liberty4 Trading Assistants has been awesome for automating every aspect of my business, from listing auctions, managing inventory, printing item labels with barcodes to paying out my consigners. Resaleworld's tech support is phenomenal in getting back to me fast. I also had Resaleworld custom design my store's eBay template at a very affordable price. No other product I have found can do everything Liberty4 Trading Assistants does. With the rapid initial entry of items I can provide my customers an item list and get them out the door quickly. My staff saves a lot of time by using Liberty4 Trading Assistants. I can't imagine listing on eBay any other way!"
Jamie Douglass
Users: 2

"EZ Auction Stop was the first eBay drop-off consignment store in Houston, Texas. We opened in January 2004. After 17 years doing software selection, development and implementation for Fortune 500 companies (not to mention having a mother who had a consignment store for 25 years) I had big plans to write our own software. Just as we were kicking development into gear we came across Trading Assistants. Based on years of software experience I was skeptical that it could really meet our needs or be close to what we planned to build. Wow! What a pleasant surprise! It had everything we planned to develop, based on what we had learned by processing our first 1,000 auctions (the hard way!). In fact, it had some features we hadn't yet thought of. Of course, that was the demo, but would it "really work"? From the first, pre-release version we implemented all the way through to the latest update, the functionality, reliability, and ease of use has continued to please. 4,000+ auctions later we are huge fans and plan to use it in all of our stores. I am still amazed at how few problems we have experienced, and even more pleased with the additional features that have been seamlessly and elegantly added with each subsequent release. I only wish the huge software companies that I worked with in the past had developed software that was half as solid, functional, and bug-free as this! Thank you, ResaleWorld! Trading Assistants definitely makes it EZ."
Tod Knight
Users: 3

I was the first one to use your new software with windows 7. I love your software and you have made our business processes very successful. I love bragging about how slick your system works. Our customers are very impressed.
Misty Robin
Users: 1

WONDERFUL!! Just wanted to let you know how helpful Russell was this morning when I was downloading an upgrade. He was always confident and never became frustrated with me or the process. This gentleman is top notch!!! I am a fairly new customer - the store opened in March - and I have been most pleased with the Liberty program. It has been so easy to operate and if there is a question then of course, Tech Support has the answer! Proud to be a Resaleworld Customer!
Florinda Abee
336-838-5439 store
Users: 2

A little more than a year ago, I decided that it was time to upgrade my computer. After running into a few snags that I was unfamiliar with, I allowed the local computer tech that I purchased the system from to be my liasion with ResaleWorld. As it turns out, I made an absolutely HORRIBLE decision about who I chose to purchase my computer from and trust with my software update needs. He continually tried to convince us that Resaleworld didn't know what they were talking about and that they were misinforming him on topics that they knew nothing about. Apparently, no matter WHAT advice he received from Resaleworld, it was incorrect! Imagine that! I didn't find out until after-the-fact, but he elected NOT to follow specific directions from Resaleworld, INCLUDING choosing to omit a final step in a software loading process that prevented the system from running properly. The whole point of this email is to BE SURE to let you know how INCREDIBLY HELPFUL AND PATIENT you all have been in our time of need (particularly Alex and Angel)! They went OVER THE TOP with troubleshooting our problem, as well as trying to reassure us that they would get the problem solved! We found comfort in knowing that we had such phenomenal support from Resaleworld, and we actually (FINALLY) started to believe that we just might find a way to get back to normal operation! Recently, I had another couple of panic moments set in while getting back to computer entry, so Tech Support, here I come! It was the first time I had spoken with Russell, but, let me tell you....he, TOO, is now up on the same pedestal as Alex and Angel! He was patient, kind, understanding, and INCREDIBLY helpful! I don't know what type of training you offer your tech support staff, but I'm sure it's not JUST their training, it's the type of people they are. Helpful, calm, reassuring, kind.....I could just go on and on! I hope that you'll find some way to reward Alex, Angel, and Russell for going the extra mile....the extra mile that helps put a good feeling in your customers' hearts and a smile on their faces!
Marilyn Smith
Users: 1

Hello Ed, although we have spoken by phone on several occasions over the years... I would understand if you don'™t remember me. My name is Mike Verastique and I am one of the founders of Furniture Buy Consignment in Lewisville, TX. My wife and I started the company in 1996 and we have been working with your company for many years. We have our grown our businesses simultaneously and we congratulate you on your continued success. Furniture Buy Consignment now operates 4 locations including our first location outside of Texas in Oklahoma City. We are also very excited about announcing another location in Texas. One of our stores recently had a systems meltdown and we had to install new computers, printers and so on. I won't bore you with the details of that nightmare. However, I would like to take a moment to tell you about our experiences with your company. It's not often you get emails which are positive and not some sort of complaint. As a society we lean towards communicating our bad experiences and with no consideration for communicating our good experiences. We have always had a high regard for your company and your employees. Rene has been working with us for years and has always gone out of her way to be absolutely fantastic in providing us service and the best product solutions for our stores. Our recent systems nightmare required tech support from Microsoft, Microsoft Outlook, Resaleworld and Hewlett Packard. I handled much of the interactions with these tech support teams during the transition to our new computer systems. Resaleworld was without a doubt the most considerate, courteous and clearly the most knowledgeable in understanding our problems and resolving them in a very efficient manner. Angel and Mahashwar have always been awesome to work with! As recently as today I had a need to contact your tech support team and once again they were great! They a™re all great people and Resaleworld is fortunate to have them! It now makes sense that you have continued to succeed in business with this caliber of colleagues. We wish you continued success at Resaleworld. We hope to coordinate some training at Resaleworld in the future. We hope one day our paths will cross, it would be great to meet you and your colleagues sometime in the future. Best of Luck!
Mike Verastique
Users: 3

"I would recommend Liberty 4 Consignment to anyone who owns a consignment shop or is considering using software or upgrading their software package. Liberty is easy to use and has many beneficial features. Just to name a few: sorting information by columns, price guides by category, and the ability to inactivate a consignor. The reports are helpful in analyzing the productivity and profitability of your business. Liberty is a terrific product!"
Cyndi Dyer
Users: 1


Dear Ed & Renee, As I write this letter of recommendation it is exactly one year since we went live with Liberty. So much has changed in our business in the last year because of changing software that I thought I would take the time to highlight some of them for you.
  1. I guess the most important feature on day one was that our data was there. A well planned conversion was done and all of our data was in Liberty and we were ready to conduct business with out any reentry.
  2. We are now able to capture customer information at Point of Sale. This allows us to keep in better contact with our customers who not only willingly share their information with us but make sure our cashiers spell their name and email address correctly. We average 14 new customers added to our database everyday. That translates to over 5000 spending customers added this past year alone.
  3. Training new associates is a breeze. It was worth every penny to send two of us to training in Florida that helped give us a solid foundation on how to use the software in our business. We are able to have new staff up and running in no time.
  4. The system is fast and easily searchable. Whether it is a item that is missing a ticket or a consignor with a question on their account the system is intuitive and fast so we can sell the item or answer the question with ease.
  5. ShopRW powers our website so consignors can easily look up information on their account including items sold and their current account balance. This has drastically reduced the time we spend on the phone answering consignor questions freeing our staff to concentrate on selling.
  6. While we do not presently sell items on our ShopRW site we do display many items on the site. We call this the featured items section of our web site. It is a popular area for our customers to see the latest hot item. With in hours of having the first items posted we had a first in store sale from a customer viewing an item on that section of our web site and it has been a powerful traffic driver ever since. We plan on letting people purchase online later this year.

  7. Bad checks are a problem in any business and like most we had a very poor collection rate prior to switching to Liberty. Since our cashiers seek customer information on every sale we have collected on a large portion of customers who owed us for insufficient fund checks. We did this simply by marking the accounts "Âœbad check" and entering the amount we were due as a negative balance. We have easily paid our Liberty support fee with this feature alone.

  8. Prior to being on Liberty we were not able to take pin based debit cards integrated with our system. Again this feature in Liberty was another instant win, saving us hundreds of dollars every month in credit card processing costs. Liberty'™s new relationship with Mercury Payments is set to save us even more cutting our overall credit and debit card processing costs by over $200/month.

We have been in business 12 years and all of us are amazed at how changing software has changed our business. Liberty will allow us to grow with ease and without boundaries. We look forward to continuing to grow our business with Liberty & Resaleworld. Sincerely, Neil H. Abramson CFO Everything Cutie Inc. Cutie Patutie's * Cutiques ETC * Q-Teens

Neil Abramson
Users: 10

"I have had my consignment store for 18 years. In the beginning I was manual, and when I took the big leap to computerize, I made a terribly poor first choice in software. I don't want to trash anybody, but I would like to share an email from the owner of the company of the first consignment software I bought. I saved it because I thought it was so incredibly outrageous: "This bug causes the program to crash and thousands of account activity records to be written to the consignors account and the account balance to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars." Yikes! This, in my book, is grounds for suicide! I take my work seriously and this is not the kind of issue I deal with very well. After total frustration I bought from Resaleworld. I guess to really appreciate the best, you have to first experience the worst! Liberty is logical, sophisticated, fast and basically brilliant. It meets all my needs beautifully. I can not imagine any room for improvement, but they somehow keep making it better. I consider Resaleworld the cadillac of consignment software."
Terry Kerr
Users: 1

When I opened my consignment boutique in 1/09, I purchased a much hyped software package that comes to the top of any consignment search. I soon learned what a HUGE mistake I had made. Each time I went to ring a sale it locked up. Support was slow and almost non-existent. The software gave me ERROR message after ERROR message. Even though I was new in business and could not afford to buy ANOTHER software package, I really had no choice. I spoke to other consignment owners, and I got several positive referrals on Liberty. I bit the bullet, purchased Liberty and started using it with no problem. I often have questions and calls back from support are quick and efficient. I am very happy with Liberty and would recommend it.
Linda Morado
Users: 1

I switched to Liberty4 by Resaleworld four months after opening my children's consignment store with software called Best Consignment Shop Software. BCSS was a scam that left me spending hours entering inventory and frustrated with every little step (after they had my money, I never got discs, updates, or even a call back for tech support). Resaleworld SAVED MY STORE! They were able to transfer my accounts from the old software and get me set up with two computers and a thermal tag printer. Can you believe the other software had me using sticky labels to price items...this was cheap and slow! With Liberty4 we can price literally five times as fast. I have loved everything about it and never had a problem that couldn't be easily fixed with a call to tech support. They even helped me with a small alignment problem on my tag printer. Believe me, after my first mistake I shopped around very carefully before I purchased another program. I even called other store owners to ask their opinions. Resaleworld is the best! Its worth every penny and then some.
Sarah Cook
Users: 2

I was using BCSS for for 4 years and it was very unreliable, expecially with 2 computers networked together in my shop. When I decided to open a 2nd location I knew BCSS would never work on a larger scale. I wanted to have my locations share a server and have the program run without data loss, slow processing, etc. I am so happy I decided to purchase Liberty4 Consignment Software! It was easy to install. easy to learn, and best of all runs seamlessly on my shared server. I have zero complaints as far as the stability of this software. Printing tags, tracking inventory, and the point of sale system are all designed to save you time and make you work smarter. Some of my favorite extras are the consigner online login system and ecommerce site! My customers love having those options! Overall, I would recommend Liberty to anyone starting a consignment shop or thinking of switching from another program.
Jayna Thompson
Users: 4

I opened my upscale consignment boutique in March 2007. I purchased another consignment software program to launch my business- because it was a little less expensive. I opened my store with over 4,000 pieces of clothing entered into this program. After (1) one month, when I opened the program to start my day, my heart stopped: over half of my consignors and their information was gone. It had kept some consignor info, but had deleted (or lost) the others. I called Resaleworld. Not only did the technicians there help me try to retrieve what information was left (to transfer over to Liberty), but held my hand through the entire mess. They helped me at a critical time and were my business's lifesaver. I cannot say enough about the support I receive at Resaleworld- I have the monthly support program which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND because the techs are so helpful and respond quickly. I love the software- it makes my life so much easier and makes me look so professional to my consignors. It is also easy to teach new employees, which is a huge plus! Anytime I have problems or questions, Resaleworld has ALWAYS helped to answer/resolve them. I am a totally satisfied user, and highly recommend Resaleworld- it's software, support, and people are simply the best.
Crissie Richardson Sandra Muench
Users: 3

Resaleworld, in my opinion, has the most reliable consignment store software there is on the market. I've used it to convert the entire store to barcoded labeling to enhance the checkout and inventory process. I have used other programs trying to save money, but since they are not true database programs, once my data bank got too full, the system would crash repeatedly. I have also used it to enhance my internet presence and the transition was very smooth. We sell nearly 1,000 items a week and have never lost track of inventory thanks to Resaleworld.
Gary Callahan
Users: 2

I cannot imagine our business without Resaleworld's fantastic, cleverly designed software. With more than 2 million items in our inventory, we have no trouble tracking anything and have over 7,000 happy consignors. In the last 7 years, Resaleworld has been a great support to our business. We thank you for contributing to our success and giving us everything with this software that we could possibly ask for.
Sibel (CBell) Mann
Users: 5

Liberty 4 Consignment has been a life saver for The Redstone Thrift Shop. When I became the manager, we were usingConsignPro. Their customer service needs to take customer care classes. They update their program periodically. I kindly requested that they email their clientele to notify us of new updates; however, Brian claimed he could not send out a mass email. This being so, we were not aware of when updates were needed. Anytime we did not run an update, we would lose a whole day trying to correct the mistakes their program made. It became difficult to credit all the accounts properly. After 2 months or errors,we were no longer able to tell which items belonged to which accounts.It got to the point where we had to close the shop for an entire month to make sense of the mess. As manager of the thrift shop, it was my job to research other companies to see which one would pull us out of the weeds and keep us on our feet. Out of all programs on the web, Liberty 4 Consignment seemed to be most reasonable. They are definitely worth every penny we spent. Liberty 4 has great customer service. I receive emails letting me know of any updates. Running these updates on our computers is very simple. I had the opportunity to attend a class they offer in order to familiarize myself with this program. I run a shop with about 60 volunteers that happen to be retired military. Naturally, I was worried that it would be difficult to re-train them using a new program. Liberty 4 is very user friendly.Not only was I able to re-train them, but now I have all the other volunteers offering to cross train because they see how easy it is to learn. I am also able to purchase any products needed to run the program through their company. This is very convienient, which makes it easier and faster for us to order any supplies needed.The also keep track of what you are ordering and any trouble shooting calls made to their call center. Most importantly, they offer 5 Star Customer Service. They have several reps which allows a rep to return your call the same day to resolve any issue that may arise. They will also keep you informed on the status of any problems that may take longer than a day. My volunteers, our board members and I are very pleased with this program. Even are customers notice the positive change. We most definitly recommend Liberty 4.
Karen Thompson
Users: 4