What is reCommerce and how can it help me?

reCommerce is a unique solution which provides merchants the ability to manage their products and sales in a single application while selling their products in a variety of sales channels. reCommerce works in conjunction with Liberty4 Consignment.

The key to reCommerce is that all inventory and sales based functions are managed completely within Liberty. Your inventory only needs to be managed under one roof. You can select where you would like to sell your products – whether it is your own storefront, eBay, eBay Motors or one of our other partners. Products are sent directly to the sales channels from within Liberty. There is no need to manage your items online – ever!

In addition, sales management and fulfillment are done directly through the Liberty order management module. Invoicing, packing lists, shipping labels, etc. are all managed from within this very flexible order management system.

One of the main ingredients in making this such a powerful solution is to keep the user from having to always go to the web to manage inventory, sales, and other online related functions. All the major functions related to selling online are done directly from within Liberty.

We’ve made reCommerce extremely easy to set up and use. We’ve tailored the interaction between you and your store to be very simple. Quite frankly, once you have set up your store, you will rarely either have to make or need to make any other changes.