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Professional Package

Professional Package


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Our price
$2,195.00 (Save 16%)


Liberator Computer

If you already have a computer but need just about everything else to open your store, the "Pro Package" is the 'kitchen sink' for new store owners. We can't really think of anything else you might need to get going. With this bundle, you get the following...

Whew! That was a mouthful. Just make sure you have a good computer before you set everything up. If not, you may think about getting one of our Liberator systems.

One more thing, in order to process credit cards, you will need a modem unless you are already hooked into the internet by DSL or cable. We can sell you a modem for $99 which works fine with the credit card processing software. Good news, you won't need to rent or buy one of those expensive credit card terminals you thought you would have to get.

*Credit Card Swipe and processing software provided upon successful activation with a Resaleworld payment processing partner.

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  • Liberty Software Classroom Training

    Liberty Software Training

    Training for Liberty products is usually held on the Monday and Tuesday of the first full week of the month, barring any holidays, typically once a quarter.

    The two days focus on the most common areas of the program.

    Before paying, please verify on our website the days each of the programs are being offered

  • Liberator System

    A completely configured system at a great price. With a fast Intel Dual Core processor and plenty of power, you'll be up and running in no time. Trust us, you'll feel liberated! Buy this system if you plan on having one computer in your store or if you want to add another computer to an already existing multi-computer network.

    System Includes:

    • Large Hard Drive (Min. 220GB)
    • Plenty of Memory (4GB)
    • Thumb Drive for Backups
    • 19" LCD Monitor
    • 3 Yr. Next Day On-Site Warranty
    • Windows - 7 Professional - 64 Bit
    • Power Backup
    • Pre-loaded with any of our Liberty products (additional cost)
    • Fully configured with all the necessary drivers to get you up and running.

    We've taken away all your headaches and decisions by combining the leading personal computer maker with the industry leading consignment software program on the market.

    Just open the box and plug it in and you'll be ready to go. No need to figure out what kind of computer you should buy and no need to hire a tech to help you figure out how to hook up all those peripherals (you know, printers and all that stuff). We've completely preconfigured this system so that it's ready to run, period. Seriously, just plug it in!!!

    Here are a few details...

    Dell Optiplex Computer

    The OptiPlex line is designed to be the smart choice for small businesses. We decided on this space saving model with awesome performance to meet your current needs and in the future. Dell performs extensive reliability and compatibility tests to help ensure smooth interoperability. OptiPlex incorporates extensive industry-standard systems management capabilities into every desktop.


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    Want to learn what Liberty4 Consignment or reCommerce is all about and see what you can really do online. Spend a few hours with us going over this incredible platform. You won't be disappointed. We will also have a question and answer session after the meeting for anyone who has any questions about anything related to Liberty.

    We will credit the price of the class if you sign up for reCommerce (yearly contract) on the day of the class.

    Class size will be limited to 40 attendees. Last year we filled the class very early so register soon.



  • General Windows Support

    Not exactly sure if something is set up correctly in Windows. Our techs are very experienced in all flavors of Windows. Select this if you need help or have a question about your Windows system.

  • Laser/Inkjet Checks FREE CHECKS! (Initial Order Only)

    We carry a complete line of custom formatted check styles to meet your accounting preferences.

    Our checks are manufactured with special security features that make copying or alteration easy to detect! Our checks exceed the standards set forth by the Check Payment Systems Association guidelines. We use the security certification icon ("Padlock Icon") on all checks. Even though the CPSA calls for two standard security features on each check, we offer...

    1. Warning Band: Found in the borders, it indicates the security features of the check for easy identification.
    2. Security Pantographs:  Our custom check backgrounds are designed to limit reproducibility by scanning or photocopying while ot obscuring check readability.
    3. Padlock Icon: Warns that the check is security protected. The icon is also shown on the back with a description of at least two security
    4. "MP" Logo: stands for Microprinting and is recommended by the CPSA
    5. MicroPrinter Signature Line: Made up of microscopic lettering which repeatedly reads "ORIGINAL DOCUMENT" with the type that is too amsll
    6. Security Screens: Reads "ORIGINAL DOCUMENT SCREEN" on the back of each check and lists security features included. The security screen will not photocopy clearly.
    7. "VOID" Pantograph: Our Linen pantograph contains the traditional "VOID" security screen embedded in the pattern. When photocopying is attempted, the word "VOID" becomes visible.

    In order to complete your order you must...

    1. Email / Fax / Mail a VOIDED check along with your order. (orders@resaleworld.com / 407-297-0640 / 8034 Sunport Dr. Suite 404, Orlando, FL 32809)
    2. Fill out the Check Order information above.
    3. Email us your artwork (if chosen) to 'orders@resaleworld.com'. Put your order number in the subject line. You can use 'GIF', 'JPG','BMP', 'TIF' or 'PNG' images.
    4. Approve your check proof once we email you a confirmation.

    Here are the different check formats available...

    If you require faster shipping than our regular turnaround period (12 days), please make your choice from the options above. Additional charges will apply.


    # of Checks

    Price Shipping & Handling Total
    250 + 250 Free $69.00 $10.00 $79.00
    500 + 500 Free $99.00 $13.00 $112.00

    Click here to read a handy guide on ASCENDING vs DESCENDING check order. It can be quite confusing.

  • Cash drawer cable

    We have 4 different cash drawer cables to choose from. They will connect any MMF or APG cash drawer, sold by Resaleworld,  to your POS printer.

    *All Resaleworld cash drawer/printer combos come with a cable free of charge

    Here are the following cables we offer.
    • APG cash drawer to a Citizen receipt printer
    • APG cash drawer to an Epson receipt printer
    • APG cash drawer to an Ithaca receipt printer
    • MMF cash drawer to a Citizen receipt printer
    • MMF cash drawer to an Epson receipt printer
    • MMF cash drawer to an Ithaca receipt printer
    • MMF cash drawer to a Star receipt printer
    ***Please contact Resaleworld for availability of other cables, if your printer is not listed above.