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One of the most frustrating tasks store owners face is providing the ‘right’ numbers to their accountant either at the end of the quarter or end of year. Sales figures, payment breakdowns, transaction expenses and inventory costs are never easy to gather. Another issue which plagues store owners is the ability to create an instant financial snapshot of how their business is doing in a moment’s notice.

With Resaleworld’s QuickBook’s link, you can now seamlessly link all your Liberty Consignment software directly into QuickBooks. By using Intuit’s Direct interface, your software will talk directly to QuickBooks's data engine posting each days transactions into balanced entries into QuickBooks.

Just a Click away!

Imagine all your sales information including tender types, returns, layaways, web sales, shipping, fees, etc. getting posted into QuickBooks with just a single push of a button. Even checks that you have written will get posted to QuickBooks so that you can easily reconcile your bank account information.

By connecting your QuickBooks financial system with your desktop application, you’ll always have the very latest information about your business right at your fingertips. You’ll save time, reduce data entry errors and run your business more efficiently.

System Requirements: QuickBooks Pro and Premier Editions 2003-2014, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2.0 and Canadian editions of QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2003-2014. QuickBooks "Web" editions are not compatible.


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    Also, the MT-30 Credit Card Device supports EMV, card swipe and signature capture.  You can also use the signature capture device for payouts and consignor contracts.

    *The MT-30 will be provided upon successful activation with the specified Resaleworld payment processing partner.  A credit of $300 will be given if you are not approved for processing.

    You can lease the professional package. Just apply here.

  • Appointment Scheduler

    The perfect addition to your store's scheduling needs. The appointment scheduler is a web based calendar which allows your consignors to schedule appointments.

    The appointment scheduler is the perfect solution for allowing your consignors to schedule their consignment drop-offs at your store. The application allows your consignors to schedule appointments quickly and easily and most importantly at their convenience...24 hours a day.

    Owners can quickly build a schedule of their store hours and mark when they take appointments, when their store is closed...including holidays, vacations and any other times when they are not accepting consignments. You can easily set up appointment blocks at any time intervals you want...15, 30, 60, 120 minutes. You can also cancel appointments, make appointments on behalf of the consignors, re-schedule appointments. It's all up to you.

    If you have more than one consignment drop-off department....don't worry. The scheduler can easily handle as many departments as you want. They can even have different time blocks.

    Consignors will register on your site and schedule a time when they want to bring their items in. Once they schedule their appointment, you'll be able to quickly see the appointments.

    The appointment scheduler will also remind your consignors of their upcoming appointments. Emails are 'automatically' sent out to the consignor to remind them that their appointment is coming up. The system will even send a text message to your consignors up to 90 minutes in advance of their appointment.

    If you are on any of our reCommerce plans, the appointment scheduler is only $9.95/month otherwise it's $14.95/month.

    Visit your my.resaleworld.com page to sign up.

    Please register for this service by visiting your MyResaleworld account and clicking on the reCommerce Tab. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department.


  • reCommerce3 Product Upload Form

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