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Resaleworld has now partnered with one of the largest and most popular eCommerce platforms in the world, Shopify has built an attractive foundation for businesses and offers a fully hosted online website builder. With a wide array of plug-ins and extensions to maximize efficiency, marketing and the exposure of your products through social media channels. Shopify allows you to build a complete, easy-to-design website so you can focus on managing your business, not your site.

With the Liberty 4 Consignment software, you can directly connect to your Shopify web store and upload Liberty items, attach photos and manage online orders with just a few simple clicks. Your Liberty software will automatically update the available quantity for any item when sold online or in the store!

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Key features

Each uploaded item includes details collected from Liberty’s item fields such as Item Title, Price, Quantity, Description, Images, Attributes, and Categories)

Changes made within Liberty will automatically update the corresponding item on your Shopify website.

Shopify items are quickly updated with a quantity of 0 if the Liberty item sells in-store.

Consignor Login

Online access to current balance and transactions for consignors via our popular Consignor Login service

eBay Integration

Take advantage of our integration with eBay to list items on one of the most popular websites in the world.



per month

Unlimited Plan

Unlimited ProductseBay integrationConsignor Login


per month

500 Plan

500 active productseBay integrationConsignor Login


eBay Integration

Resaleworld has been a long-standing partner with the world’s largest marketplace, eBay. Called AuctionWeb initially, this unique selling environment brought buyers and sellers together in an online open market. The increasing popularity and the ease of selling items to buyers anywhere made eBay a household name in e-commerce and became one of the most recognized brands around the world.

With the Liberty 4 Consignment software, you can directly connect your inventory items to an eBay storefront. Add photos, create your eBay settings, payment, and shipping policies, or customize your Auction Template all within the Liberty 4 Consignment software!

Our eBay integration feature can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ monthly service or in conjunction with our Resaleworld reCommerce hosted monthly website plans (B or C). This service is also now included with our new Shopify integration service.


Listing features

Choose a listing duration, set an auction starting price and select which payment types you currently accept

Listing features

Promote your listings by choosing enhanced selling features such as Boldface Title, Featured Plus, Buy it Now and Featured Gallery


Specify any accepted listing duration, enter your starting price, select what accepted payment types

Edit auction templates

Save time by adding default content to your auction templates by specifying your payment and shipping policies, add a welcoming header or describe your refund and return policies within your template’s footer section

Image display options

Images on eBay ads can be displayed at different sizes for better formatting



per month

Stand Alone

List to eBay only


per month

Included in these monthly plans

Shopify Integration Unlimited PlanreCommerce Plan BreCommerce Plan C