reCommerce Integration with Shopify

Experience the first and most reliable Shopify Integration in the Consignment and Resale Industry!

It's no surprise that online shopping has taken the world by storm. This is why brick and mortar stores are expanding their customer experiences and adding an eCommerce option. People love to shop online so why not show them what you have!

With your Liberty software, you can connect your inventory database to your Shopify Web Store and directly upload Liberty items, attach photos, and manage online orders with just a few simple clicks. Each uploaded item includes details collected from Liberty's item fields such as Title, Price, Quantity, Description, Categories, Attributes and Images.

Liberty provides you with all the Point of Sale features you need to start, manage, and scale your online business!

Shopify Partners

Resaleworld has partnered with one of the largest and most popular eCommerce web platforms in the world, Shopify has built an attractive foundation for businesses that offers a fully hosted online website builder, easy to use plug-ins, social media extensions, and many powerful tools to help maximize sales, efficiency, marketing, and exposure of your products.

Build your own website

Explore a range of Shopify themes to find the right look or style for your store, and quickly start designing and building your own website.

Looking for some help?

We’re happy to put you in touch with one of our affiliated freelancers that have worked with many Liberty Merchants within the Resale and Consignment industry.

Sell on multiple marketplaces

With the Liberty reCommerce Integration, you can sell on both your Shopify website and your eBay Store! From your Shopify website, simply add Sales Channels such as Facebook and Instagram and sell products from your Social Media pages. Liberty also works with Reply Sold so you can invoice your Facebook LIVES from your Shopify Store.

Liberty makes it all work together

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Connect Liberty to your Shopify Store and eBay!


Posted items include Liberty fields such as Title, Price, Description, Quantity, and Attributes.


Inventory quantities are automatically updated when items sell online.


Items are automatically removed from the website when sold in-store or online!


Client accounts get updated in Liberty when items sell.


Liberty Listing Manager helps you manage online orders.


Upload photos from your mobile device with the Liberty Photo App.


Consignors can check their recent transactions and current payouts from your website.


Consignors can use store credit to make online purchases!


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Included Services

Consignor Login

Grant your consignors online access to their current balance and transaction history via our popular Consignor Login service.

Liberty Mobile Service

We’ve included our Liberty Mobile Service so you can remotely enter inventory with the use of an iPad or iPhone! Use the App to take photos of Liberty items and send directly to your Shopify website. Make sure to purchase the Liberty Item Entry App from the Apple Store. (.99c) prior to set up and configuration.

For Android Users, you can download our FREE Liberty Photo App and use your device to easily take photos of Liberty inventory and send items directly up to your Shopify website.

eBay Integration

Easily manage your eBay store from within your Liberty software by taking advantage of our latest eBay integration.

Liberty Connector

See it all… Consignors can see available and unavailable inventory, purchases, transaction history, and payout history. In fact, your Consignors can use available Store Credit to make online purchases from your Shopify website.

Want to provide access to a vendor to enter their own inventory? You can allow them to do so with the Liberty Connector and the web item entry feature.

Liberty Connector is only included with our UNLIMITED products plan, or as a Stand-alone service.