Point-of-Sale Hardware

Resaleworld is a one-stop-shop for all of your point-of-sale hardware needs. So, as far as hardware goes, we carry everything you'll ever need for your resale and consignment shop.

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Hardware Policies

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All hardware purchased from Resaleworld is covered for thirty days from the day of purchase. This includes hardware installation, troubleshooting, and replacement.

If you are currently on an active support plan, extended support plan or on Liberty Cloud, all hardware purchased from Resaleworld is supported.

What if I don’t have a support plan?

If you purchased your hardware outside of thirty days and not on a support plan, we may ask you to refer to the manufacturer’s warranty.

TSC tag printers - Lifetime Warranty?

TSC tag printers purchased from Resaleworld are covered under a lifetime warranty if you are currently on a support and tag (SSP) plan.

Requirements: Must be on a support and tag plan at the time of purchase and remain on both for the life of the printer to be covered under Resaleworld’s lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty begins after the two-year manufacturer warranty ends.

Exceptions: New customers that have purchased the Liberty software for the first time are given thirty days to sign-up for support and tags to be covered by the lifetime warranty. Another exception would be if you sign-up for a support and tag plan and also purchase a TSC tag printer at the same time.

RSW receipt printers - Lifetime Warranty?

Liberty Cloud customers receive a lifetime warranty.