Support FAQ

Common support questions most frequently asked by prospects before they buy from Resaleworld. If you don’t find a question answered here, please feel free to contact us at 800-785-4800.

A technical staff with over 100 years of combined experience in Resaleworld software products.

Resaleworld Support

Tell us about the Resaleworld Support Staff

Our support staff is a carefully curated in-house team of technology experts. They are well versed in most computer questions, troubleshooting our supported hardware, and solving all Liberty software related problems. Our Support Team has direct access to our in-house development team, in order to ensure that your Liberty software runs successfully with minimal downtime.

How large is your support staff?

Resaleworld maintains a support staff of appropriate size to handle the number of clients and range of products and services that we offer. As of mid-2021, our support team consists of eight highly trained individuals.

Submitting Trouble Tickets

How fast will I get a call?

Every call submitted to our support queue is responded to by our next available Resaleworld support technician. Our turn-around time is approximately thirty-minutes on average. During peak times, you may experience a callback time of about 1 hour. Peak times are infrequent. Usually, they occur on Friday afternoon or during peak Holiday selling days.

Save time by submitting a trouble ticket directly from My Resaleworld Portal. Once logged in, click on the tab labeled tech support and enter a description of what you need assistance with.

Your ticket will then be immediately entered into our support queue and alert the next available technician.


Does Resaleworld outsource any of its' support?

Not! Our technicians handle all issues related to Liberty. We feel that outsourcing support diminishes the value of our company and leaves too much finger pointing. If it’s related to Liberty, we handle it. We understand that our customers depend on us for advice and help when setting up their computer systems for their business. Leaving it to someone else just doesn’t cut it.

Scheduling Calls

What if I have a local technician coming on-site?

Should you hire a local computer technician to set up your hardware or network and they request to speak with Resaleworld support; We recommend having your technician call us ahead of time to schedule a callback time with one of our support technicians. Just call support at 800-785-4800 to schedule a callback time. We will do our best to accommodate your technician’s schedule, so you don’t have to pay them to sit around.


Need Training?

Support Hours

Support hours:
Monday – Friday  9A.M to 6P.M est.

Emergency only:
Monday – Friday 6P.M to 8P.M est.
Click here for more information about emergency support.

Remote Support Download

The following download is a safe and secure remote program that will allow your Resaleworld technician to remotely access your computer in order to better serve you and assist with any supported software and/or hardware issues you may be experiencing. This download will install an instance of Teamviewer, a third-party remote access program on your computer. You may be prompted to run or save the download as well as allow the Teamviewer program to make changes on your computer. Please choose save and yes to allow the download to properly install on your machine. When the remote program is run, you will be provided with an ID and password that you will need to read off to your Resaleworld technician before they can access your computer remotely.