Liberty Technical Support Services

Resaleworld provides unlimited assistance and friendly advice from our team of highly trained Liberty Software experts. We're happy to help with all the technical stuff so you can concentrate on your business!

Liberty Technical Support

Is Technical Support available to me?

Yes. Technical support is part of your Liberty REACT Software product (Desktop or Cloud). For clients utilizing Liberty Cloud, your Maintenance Plan cost is already built into your monthly service payment. For clients utilizing Liberty Desktop, you’ll have the choice of paying your Maintenance Plan Quarterly or Annually.

What is supported?

Technical support includes unlimited toll-free telephone support on all Liberty Software products and troubleshooting for hardware products purchased from Resaleworld. Our Support Technicians are here to assist you with Liberty-specific issues, but as with any software, it can be at the mercy of the computer it is installed on. Keep in mind, there may be issues that could impact your computer that are outside the scope of support.

What is covered under Technical Support?
  • Technical issues within Liberty (e.g. troubleshooting error messages, addressing unexpected behavior caused by Liberty etc.)
  • Help installing Liberty on a new computer
  • Providing assistance with basic functionality within Liberty (e.g. Liberty modules, settings, reports etc.)
  • Remote assistance with Liberty software updates
  • Remote assistance with installation and setup of printers or hardware purchased from Resaleworld
What is not covered under Technical Support?

While our technicians are the best in the industry, there are issues that will not be covered under your support plan. We will do everything we can to attempt assistance with non-Liberty issues, but if it’s deemed outside of the scope of what’s covered, you may need to seek assistance from a local, or certified IT professional.

Here is a short list of areas not covered by your Support Plan.

  • Installation and setup of printers not purchased from Resaleworld* (Firmware on our hardware is proprietary).
  • Software ‘walk-me-through’ or topics deemed as ‘training’
  • Network setup or configurations
  • Technical issues caused by a 3rd party application
  • Anti-virus/Firewall/Security troubleshooting

*(See our Printer & Scanners Policy page for more information)

How do I reach a Support Technician?

Call our main line at 1-800-785-4800 and select prompt #1

Technical Support Business Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST (Eastern)

Emergency Support Only:
Emergency hours are intended to provide access to a technician for stores that are experiencing a software failure.
Monday – Friday 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST (Eastern)
Saturday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST
Sunday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST

Live Chat Hours:
Extended Support Plans Only
Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST (Eastern)
Saturday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST
Sunday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST

Liberty REACT Maintenance Plan

Liberty REACT is a Software as a Service (SaaS) license model available for both Cloud Hosted Service (Liberty Cloud), or as a Desktop version for PC computers. Liberty REACT Maintenance Plans include technical support and all software upgrades.

Simply put, the landscape of the computing industry continues to change at a rapid pace, and software must be kept up-to-date in order to continue to function correctly. A subscription model ensures that all users of the software are able to be on the latest version of Liberty, and never encounter issues which require unexpected costs to restore functionality.

  • If you are using Liberty Cloud, your Maintenance Plan is included with your monthly service payment.
  • If you are using Liberty Desktop, your Maintenance Plan will be billed either quarterly or annually.
    (For those that prepay annually, we provide a 5% pricing discount)

In order to utilize Liberty REACT in a desktop environment, a Maintenance Plan must be active on your account. Accounts that are not current with their Maintenance Plans will experience diminished software access until the account becomes current again.

Maintenance Plan Pricing

No. of Licenses Pay Annually Pay Quarterly Avg. Monthly Cost
with 5% Discount
Single user $341.43 $89.85 $29.95
2 User Network $569.43 $149.85 $49.95
3 User Network $740.43 $194.85 $64.95
4 User Network $911.43 $239.85 $79.95
5 User Network $1082.43 $284.85 $94.95
6 User Network $1253.43 $329.85 $109.95
7 User Network $1424.43 $374.85 $124.95
8 User Network $1595.43 $419.85 $139.95
9 User Network $1766.43 $464.85 $154.95
10 User Network $1937.43 $509.85 $169.95
15 User Network $2792.43 $734.85 $244.95
20 User Network $3647.43 $959.85 $319.95
25 User Network $4513.83 $1187.85 $395.95

Extended Support Plan

We now offer an Extended Support Plan which adds additional coverage to our standard support and maintenance plan. We use monitoring services to keep an eye on the health of your PCs and are automatically notified of significant problems, allowing our team to minimize (and in many cases) eliminate downtime. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that we’re managing your Liberty backups, as well as those of critical non-liberty documents. Backups created through Extended Support are uploaded to a separate, safe location managed by Resaleworld.

In addition to off-site backups and health monitoring for your covered PC’s, you will also receive technical Live Chat support on covered PCs. The wait time to chat with a technician that can quickly support you through Live Chat is usually within 10 minutes. Adding Extended coverage will drastically reduce your reliance on third-party technical assistance.

What you need to know.

Your Liberty Server computer must be included as part of an Extended Support Plan. The number of workstations you choose to cover is not dependent on the number of Liberty Licenses you own. You can cover as many or as few workstations as you want. You can even cover workstations that don’t have Liberty installed if you wish.

Click here to learn more about what Extended Support covers.


Liberty Desktop

System Per Month
Liberty Server $35.00
Add’l workstations $15.00 per PC

Liberty Cloud

System Per Month
Workstations $15.00/month per PC

À la carte Support

A la carte Support services are available only to customers on a current standard support or maintenance plan for an additional charge.

Many of these services are included with our Liberty Extended Support Plan .

Support Services Pricing
Printer/Bar Code Scanner Support Click here for more info
Basic Computer Diagnostics Click here for more info
Antivirus Software Troubleshooting/Config. Click here for more info
General Windows Support Click here for more info
Network Troubleshooting/Config. Click here for more info
Data Services Click here for more info
Moving Liberty + Data To 1 New PC Click here for more info
QuickBooks Troubleshooting Click here for more info
After Hours/Weekend Assistance please call for pricing


Training Style Pricing
Classroom Training Days 1 & 2 $295.00
Webinar Online Training $29.00/per course
Phone Training $100.00/hour
On-site Training please call for pricing and availability