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EMV Card Processing FAQs

EMV Credit Card Processing

It depends on which card processor you use. Payment Logistics users will not need to make any changes - both the integration and the hardware are already EMV-ready. For both the X-Charge and Vantiv Integrated Payments (formerly Mercury Payment Systems), some changes will be required. We'll discuss each processor in a bit more detail below...
The decision on whether or not to make the changes necessary to support EMV cards is up to you. There is no government mandate to switch, and the EMV cards that are being created today do still include magnetic stripes, to allow for older terminals to still be able to read them. You should be aware of the Liability Shift that went into effect in October, 2015.
Starting in October 2015, merchants became completely liable from fraud that results from transactions on systems that are not EMV capable. Basically, if your solution is not capable of handling EMV cards, then you are financially liable for certain types of credit fraud that was previously covered by credit card companies.
You're in luck! At most, it might be necessary for Payment Logistics to update their client software on your machine(s) when their EMV solution goes live.

All Payment Logistics hardware in use by Liberty customers is already EMV ready. All versions of Liberty that include the Payment Logistics integration (4.3a and newer) are fully compatible with their EMV processing.

With no out-of-pocket expenses and minimal (if any) inconvenience, Liberty users processing with Payment Logistics are in great shape!
Liberty versions 4.5a and newer include an updated Vantiv Payments Integration that is compatible with a new generation of EMV-ready hardware. (Liberty version 4.5d is required to actually process true EMV transactions through Vantiv.) This new Vantiv integration supports the Verifone VX805 device.

The Verifone VX805, which lacks signature capturing capabilities, does offer several nice features that older Mercury compatible hardware was not capable of - such as an NFC reader for ApplePay and Google Wallet transactions.

We're currently waiting for some changes to take place at Vantiv, which will open up compatibility for several new devices - most notably, the Verifone MX915, which is a beautiful Signature Capture device. The new devices will be available from Vantiv as either USB, or as Ethernet - which can be used for Liberty Cloud customers.
The X-Charge software will need to be updated to at least version 8.1.1, and Liberty will need to be updated to at least version 4.5d.

We have tested the Ingenico IPP320 with Liberty, and it is currently the only fully EMV compliant device available for users of X-Charge and Liberty. The IPP320 is a pinpad/NFC device, but lacks signature capture.

In the relatively near future, we expect the Magtek DynaPro-SC device to be certified for EMV transactions. The Magtek DynaPro-SC is currently compatible with Liberty and X-Charge for non-EMV transactions.