Feature Shop Of The Month

Resaleworld is excited to announce that we will be holding a contest to be our featured shop of the month!!! Want to be our feature store? Just send us a write-up, website, video, pictures, etc. GET CREATIVE! Tell us all about what makes you and your store unique and why EVERYONE should check you out! If chosen you will be featured on our facebook page and also on our website for an entire month!! Please email all entries to featured_shop@resaleworld.com with the subject title “Resaleworld’s feature shop of the month”. You can direct any questions to this address as well.

Current Feature Shop Of The Month

StillGoode Consignments

StillGoode opened in March 2005 with 2500 square feet for furniture & home decor consignment. StillGoode expanded at that location to 6000 square feet and in 2009 moved to a new location with 65oo square feet. StillGoode has since expanded two more times to our current 10,500 square feet. We have always been one of Resaleworlds early adopters of new technology and have always been a big advocate of the Liberty products to other consignment & resale stores.

We were one of Resaleworlds first customers on ReCommerce 2.0. Here are some statistics of our store

  • Total Consignors ~ 1698 (1094 of them are new consignors)
  • 2012 Store Shoppers ~ 20,806
  • 2012 Invoices / Buy Rate ~ 6064 / 29%
  • Facebook Fans ~ 8789

Website statistics since going live on Recommerce 2.0 (through March 31, 2013)

  • Unique Visitors ~ 94,384
  • # of Visits ~ 323,071
  • Pages Viewed ~ 2,961,563 (avg 9 page views per visitor)

We feel that Resaleworlds solutions are integral to our business in providing information to our consignors and the marketing of our inventory. We are able to put pictures, descriptions, and prices to every single item in our store on our website. We average 4,000 items at any given time and as a result of all of these solutions, we are able to keep people engaged in our inventory resulting in faster turnover of the inventory & higher buy rate of those customers shopping at our store. We have never had a down year and feel that Resaleworld is a major part of our success.

Store Name – StillGoode Consignments



Market – Furniture, Home Decor, Antiques, China, Collectibles & Man Cave

A customer of Resaleworld – March 2005