Letter from the President

The past twenty years have brought a tremendous amount of change and direction in the consignment and resale industry. When we sold our first system back in December of 1992, it was hard to imagine that over twenty years later and over 10,000 systems sold the industry would continue to evolve and flourish as it does today.

When we entered this industry at the time, Liberty Systems, as it was called then, was the rookie. Ed Davies and I were the original owners and we set out to create the best consignment software product possible. In fact, our first program, Liberty DOS, released in 1992 is still being used by hundreds of consignment stores to this day.  The product is a testament to the company’s mantra – Software to simplify your life. In just four short years, we became the leaders in the consignment software industry, jumping quickly to 3,000 clients through key acquisitions and consistent focus on improving software usability and features.

In 2004, Resaleworld began selling Dell computers to our customers. The Liberator was a turnkey system designed to be plug and play allowing stores to focus on managing their business instead of worrying about implementing the technology. Almost 10 years later and 1,000 Liberators later, we continue to provide a simple and easy way for stores to use the industry’s most trusted software solution.

In 2006, we released our reCommerce product. This solution allows stores to sell in their brick and mortar store and online – ‘simultaneously’ – something no other competitor has yet to accomplish. We currently have over 350 customers using this exciting platform to help promote their business.  This year, we released our 3rd generation of the reCommerce platform which keeps pace with today’s users by offering a responsive interface for mobile and tablet users.  It also provides a direct interface back to a stores database via the Liberty-reCommerce Connect module which allows consignors and customers to view their items, transaction history, payouts and receipts all in real-time.  It even allows consignors to use their store credit while shopping online – another industry first.

In 2012, we created our reCommerce website design department.  Our team of designers have created numerous websites for customers who are getting their toes wet in the world of online selling.  We can take on any challenge you throw at us or work with your own designers if you so choose.

In the past few years, we have made a concerted effort to welcome in the world of mobility and portability.  In 2011, we released the first and still the only app which allows stores to enter items directly into their stores’ database. It even allows stores to quickly take photos of their items so they can easily sell them on the web. The Liberty Item Entry App is the perfect solution for stores who need mobility in their item entry process. Last year, we released Item Entry Lite, a free app,  for the mobile platform which allows consignors to enter their items directly into their own account.

Other notable milestones include the release of our API for Liberty – again an industry first.  This solution allows stores to create their own software solutions which can tie directly into Liberty.  We have also released, through one of our partners,  a loyalty solution for the single as well as multi-location businesses.  This solution allows stores to track customer purchases and sales habits which in turn allow stores to create promotions and awards for their most valued customers.

In 2013, we launched our Liberty Cloud service, a ‘software as a service’ solution that is web-based and allows stores to run Liberty4 Consignment and their other business software from the cloud.  Unlike other solutions, we provide a virtual desktop which allows multi-tasking and the same experience you would find on the desktop – something you won’t get in a ‘browser only’ solution.  Liberty Cloud gives stores a consistent way to budget their technology requirements, provides a solution for remote businesses and removes the pitfalls of hardware obsolescence.  In less than 6 months, over 100 stores have switched to our cloud service to lower operating costs and to simplify their technology requirements. This service can help stores from 1 – 20 users with multiple locations all protected with a secure and PCI compliant solution.

Regardless of our past achievements and emphasis on technology improvements, above all else, Resaleworld puts customer service as its’ top priority.  We succeed if you succeed. With an unprecedented 10 dedicated support personnel, we realize that being there when our customers need us is just as important as producing quality software.  Our extended support hours, priority support option and weekend support puts us above the competition because our customers require this in order to run a successful business.  Also, unlike most of our competition, support is never outsourced.  No pointing fingers – no passing the buck. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re a prospect, please take the time to talk to one of our associates on how Resaleworld can help your business grow and flourish. If you made the decision to use one of our competitor’s products, don’t worry.  We have converted hundreds of stores. It’s a simple process and we promise it will be painless.  I know our products and service are unmatched. Just a give us a chance to prove it!

Ed DiRuzza
President & CEO
Resaleworld.com, Inc.