Liberty Connector

Offering more than just the basics.

The new Liberty Connector is a sister service to our Consignor Login but allows you to provide your consignors a more in-depth look into their accounts.

Liberty Connector is offered as a stand-alone monthly paid service for $49.95 or as an included feature if you have a current premium reCommerce service plan such as Shopify Unlimited Products or our ShopRW plans B or C.

ShopRW Liberty Connector Demo

See It All...

Consignors can see available and unavailable inventory items, purchases and payout history, and stores can provide direct access for individual Consignors to enter their own items through the online access.

Planet Friendly

Letting your consignors have the option to access more account information online cuts down on excessive inquiries, phone calls and paper to print out inventory lists or payout information.

Use Store Credit Online

If you are using our Shopify Unlimited Plan or our ShopRW (XCart) platform (plans B or C) you can activate an additional feature of the Liberty Connector that allows both Customers and Consignors the ability to use store-issued credit (Store Credit) to make purchases on your Shopify website or your Resaleworld website. *The Store Credit feature is not available on the stand alone version of the Liberty Connector service**If you are using a Shopify website, Store Credit is applied to the order as a sale discount, not as a tendered payment.


(Liberty Desktop users) To use this module, you must allow external access and have an active dedicated Static IP address. Typically, you can obtain one from your Internet Service Provider. There is a one time fee of $50 for our technicians to set up and configure your router.

(Liberty Cloud users) No special requirements.

Please contact our Sales Department at 1-800-858-1758 for further information and details about getting started today!

Liberty Connector

Security Information

The Liberty Connector Module for reCommerce offers a secure method for customers to access real-time information directly from your Liberty database.  The module communicates directly with the Liberty Mobile Service running on your Liberty Server utilizing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

Liberty Mobile will also only perform actions from authorized sources.  There are multiple levels of authorization, all of which must be active and verified before performing any operations.

For Liberty Mobile to process the incoming request, it must contain an API key, which is a series of alphanumeric characters that must be generated annually by Resaleworld. There is an algorithm, unique to each store, which encrypts each store’s API key.

Both the Liberty Mobile Service and the configuration settings for the Customer Connector module receive the encrypted API key.  We never transmit the value in plain text. There is only a short period for Liberty Mobile to process a request before expiring.

Bottom line…you’re data is safe!