Multiple Location Policy

As businesses grow, it’s not uncommon that a store will open a second, third or even fourth location. We’re happy to see our customers grow and succeed! The single best solution for businesses wishing to utilize a single Liberty database for multiple locations is our Liberty Cloud solution. We recognize that some of our customers identified the need for a multi-store solution prior to the existence of Liberty Cloud, and took steps to set up their own WAN infrastructure. For businesses utilizing their own WAN setup, the following applies:

Stores with multiple locations who wish to have a support contract with us, must have a support contract for all store locations using Liberty. With multiple locations, particularly those running in a WAN setup, the cost (in time and resources) of support is far greater. Our technicians are some of the best in the world – beyond the consignment/resale industry. In a multi-store location though, ‘issues’ can grow exponentially. What is a simple issue in a single-computer setup, compounds itself when running in a multi-location setup.

If you’re running a (non-Liberty Cloud) multi-location WAN-based setup, the terms of the Support Contract do not cover the following:

  • Printer setup over a WAN (e.g. when utilizing Terminal Services) or in any situation where the workstations utilize “remote desktop” technology
  • User account/Permissions issues related to the Operating System
  • Windows Registry troubleshooting, editing, etc.
  • Installation/configuration issues related to policies/Operating System restrictions

If you have a question about a Liberty-specific issue – e.g. “I setup a 60/40 split in one of my Price Codes, yet items are still giving the consignor 50%” – that would becovered under the terms of the Support Contract. If a printer was able to print tags yesterday and then all of a sudden stops today, our Support Department will be extremely limited in what they can troubleshoot. For questions on Support policies/pricing within a multi-location setup, please contact our Sales Department via (800) 785-4800.