Quickbooks Policy

QuickBooks is a world unto itself. Resaleworld provides a VERY handy utility the QuickBooks Link – which allows a store to export all of its data over to QuickBooks. Once it’s in QuickBooks though, it’s a different ballgame.

Resaleworld technicians know quite a bit about computers and how technology relates to your business. Accounting is something best left to the professionals though. Our technicians can ensure you have entered your QuickBooks Link serial # and explain how to edit/enter GL Account Names and Types. Specifying which GL Account Names and/or Types to enter though, can be hit or miss.

Furthermore, providing consulting in regard to financials on the QuickBooks side of things, is something we’d be remiss for attempting. Liberty’s QuickBooks Link is coded to a strict set of standards outlined by Intuit. If a program does not follow these rules, it can’t connect to or communicate with QuickBooks. It is because of this, that your data either exports to QuickBooks or stops due to an error. If your data exports without error, then you know it made it over to QuickBooks safe and sound!

If you visit Intuit’s Support Web site (makers of QuickBooks), they ask one to “Please review …the Terms and Conditions.” For $80 for the first month and $40 per month thereafter, Intuit does not support “…inquiries on accounting practices…nor…application consulting or training.” Even the makers of QuickBooks are limited as to what they can cover when it comes to accounting!