Support Notice

Known printer issues due to the the Microsoft July 12, 2022 Update:


A Windows Update that occurred on Tuesday July 12,2022 has caused issues with printing from receipt printers, tag printers and some document printers.  

Our call queue has increased drastically since this Windows Update has been released. We are doing our best to get to everyone that has placed a call for this issue in our queue.

There are some steps to resolve that you can take if you run into this: 

Open Control Panel, go to Devices and Printers, right-click on the printer that isn’t operating correctly and choose Printer Properties. Click the Ports Tab. 

Select the appropriate port (usb001, usb002, network port, etc). Once you’ve selected the port, try printing a test page. It might be you need to select a different port, especially if two or more printers are attached to the PC. 

Additional troubleshooting steps to try if the above doesn’t resolve for you – Disconnect the printer(s) from the PC (disconnect the USB cable), Reboot, plug USB cables for printers back in, one at a time.