Liberty4 Consignment

The Liberty 4 Consignment software has led the industry by staying at the forefront of what customers want and by listening to what customers need.

Why choose Liberty4 Consignment?

Our unparalleled experience working side-by-side with business owners has helped us develop the highest quality, a state-of-the-art software product that will fit any business model whether you are getting started with your first location, or expanding your operation to multi-store locations.

Liberty4 Consignment is the only software suite that allows you the flexibility to choose a desktop based solution so you can manage one database per location or Resaleworld’s Liberty Cloud, a service that enables you to manage one individual shop or many stores powered by one single database from anywhere.

Liberty4 Consignment Multi-tasking

It grows with you.

Our Liberty 4 Consignment Desktop software is the best choice for single store start-ups or those that are looking to increase efficiency and automate their procedures for creating accounts, managing inventory, ringing sales, paying consignors and have full reporting capabilities. No doubt, Liberty is the most flexible and easy to use software program built especially for consignment and resale businesses. Let Liberty do the work for you!


  • True “multi-tasking”
  • Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Training mode option
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Customizable screens
  • Point-of-Sale interface
  • Custom categories
  • Scalable for growth
  • Track purchases
  • Integrates with QuickBooks
  • Backup and restore feature

Features & benefits

Account Management

At the core of Liberty4 Consignment lies the account management functions. First, we made it extremely easy to find accounts and customers. On-screen filters let you see the status of items instantly. You can also view key historical information and produce letters, reports, and lists with the touch of a button. Some of the more prominent features include:


  • Look up accounts 7 different ways
  • View multiple accounts side by side
  • Set location defaults for faster entry
  • Pay accounts any dollar amount
  • View purchase history
  • Track reward points
  • View item summary information
  • Enter unlimited account notes
  • Delete or deactivate old accounts
  • View layaway history
Account Management Screen


Enter and track your inventory with a variety of tools and options, unlike any other program. Some of the more prominent features include:


  • Hide unused fields & add default values
  • Manage ‘purchased outright’ items
  • Track MSRP and market value
  • Duplicate ‘Items’ option for Retail
  • Add ‘Personal Notes’ on any item
  • Over ten different tag styles
  • Add categories and attributes on-the-fly
  • Track users who add, modify or void items
  • Categorize items by location
  • Pricing guide with sales history pop-up
Item entry screen

Point of Sale

Point of Sale lets you quickly ring up sales and replaces the need for a cash register. It’s a snap creating sales and processing refunds. Tracking layaways, rewards, customer purchases and processing credit cards are all included in these highly flexible and feature-filled application.


  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Add and sell items not yet inventoried
  • Scan items by UPS or PLU #
  • Quickly add new customers on the fly
  • Suspend sales
  • Easily make sales tax-exempt
  • Override consignor net
  • Edit sale prices with one click
  • Create your own payment methods
  • Use store credit as a payment method
  • Pay consignors from Point of Sale
  • Track reward points
  • Create and track open layaways
  • Optional screen layouts
  • Touch-screen enabled
  • Create and track voided sales
Liberty point of sale module screen

Paying Consignors

Liberty allows you to pay accounts at any time. You can make a payout immediately following an outright purchase; you can make a payment on demand if an account walks in or you can print checks at the end of the month while doing a complete check run.


  • Pay consignors with checks or with cash
  • Pay consignors on-demand or by batch
  • Accounts automatically updated
  • Transactions can be held for payment
  • Easily view transaction history
  • Simple payment history screen
  • Print checks on ink-jet or laser printers
  • Reconcile payments with ease
  • Charge optional check fee
  • Void or reverse inaccurate payouts
  • Item sales history displays on checks
  • Optional check message
  • Delete individual payments during a check run
  • Export check information to QuickBooks
Consignor Payout Screen

Reports Module

The report writer is a very flexible and well-organized module which allows the user to create a variety of reports which can be saved and rerun anytime.


  • Over 120 management reports
  • Save your favorites for quick retrieval
  • Generate reports for any date range
  • Export reports to Microsoft Excel
  • 10 tag styles for label printing
  • Build and run batch reports
  • Dozens of filter options to choose from
Liberty reports module screen

Word Processor

Liberty includes a robust marketing and customer communications word processor which allows you to create event flyers, letters, postcards, contracts, and emails.


  • Print tags in bulk or for individuals
  • Send emails to one or many accounts
  • Print barcodes for speedy scanning
  • Merge consignor information
  • Email several item lists at once
  • Ability to email payout history
  • Insert logos and images into your letters
  • Easily create marketing postcards
Liberty Word Processor

Built exclusively for our biggest fans.

Resaleworld keeps making it better by building additional add-on services and software enhancements that further compliment the Liberty software suite. There is no limit to our creativity.

Resale Rewards

Resale Rewards is a Customer Mobile App Rewards program exclusive to Liberty merchants. Reward customers that shop often and building lasting relationships that will help your business grow.


Integrate your Liberty database with a Resaleworld hosted website and begin listing items to your new site directly from within Liberty. This enhancement will automate most online selling tasks such as updating store and online quantities to reflect recently sold items as well as crediting consignor accounts with the appropriate consignment split.

Shopify Integration

List new items for sale and manage online orders generated from your Shopify hosted website all from within your Liberty4 Consignment software. No need to rebuild your website or start from scratch. You can now integrate your existing Shopify website directly with your Liberty database.

Sell on eBay

Directly link your Liberty inventory to an eBay storefront and manage orders from Liberty. Create new eBay Auctions and Buy It Now listings with detailed images and purchase policies in seconds.

Consignor Login App

Liberty Mobile Apps

Item Entry App
No more restraints with our convenient mobile applications. Offer store employees greater mobility with our the Liberty Item Entry app so they can quickly take photos, price items, add new inventory and list products to your reCommerce website in record time.

Consignor Login
Encourage more shoppers to also consign with you by offering them download the free Consignor Login app so they can quickly check their balance while also discovering which of their items have recently sold.

Sales Summary
You can also keep a close eye on daily sales with the Sales Summary app while away on business or during those few minutes when checking email during your vacation.

Integrated Payment Processing

The benefits of integrated credit card processing is straightforward and makes running your business extremely effective. Our Liberty 4 Consignment software can directly integrate credit card and debit transactions to streamline your procedures and provide a seamless approach when ringing sales.

With integrated credit card processing, your business can be more profitable by reducing processing fees, delay receiving invoice payments or cash flow, or having to pay an additional member of your staff to ‘balance the books’ at the end of their shift.

Most importantly, security is a top concern. The manual method of managing finances leaves your business vulnerable, and in today’s electronic world, banks are not as forgiving with fraudulent or mishandled purchases.


  • Save time
  • Reduce expenses
  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduce human error
  • Strengthen security
S300 Liberty Integrated Payments Card Swiper