Consignor Login

Your consignors will love you for it.

Our Consignor Login service allows your consignors to have a direct online access to their most recent transactions and available commissions.

Consignor Login is included in all of Resaleworld’s reCommerce monthly service plans or you can simply use it as a stand-alone service or link it to your own website.

Sync Transactions

Easily sync and set transactions to upload on a regularly scheduled basis.

Quick Access

Use the provided URL link for your store or add a direct link to your website!

It's easy to get started!

The stand-alone Consignor Login service is $19.95 per month. You can contact our Sales Department at 1-800-858-1758 to get started or you can purchase it directly by clicking here.

If you are interested in selling online and want to integrate your Liberty database to a Shopify website, your Consignor Login service would be included at no cost with any of our reCommerce monthly service plans. Contact our Sales Department for more information. They will be happy to assist you with plan options and details.

Want to see even more?

Merchants can now expand what is seen by consignors by using our new Liberty Connector service. Consignors can see available and unavailable inventory items, purchases, payouts and provide direct access for individual consignors to enter their own items. Available as a stand-alone service or included with one of our premium reCommerce service plans. Click here to Learn More or contact our Sales Department for more information.

Consignor Login