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ShopRW is a service provided by Resaleworld. While we strive to keep our servers up 100% of the time, we make no guarantees in regard to uptime. One can typically expect to see the ShopRW servers up 99% of the time. Still, Resaleworld makes no guarantees for server uptime.

With your monthly ShopRW plan, we support the following:

  • Verification of reCommerce Registration Information
  • Initial troubleshooting to determine if sync issues are related to Liberty/Resaleworld’s servers
  • Assistance with uploading items, downloading orders & creating event email notifications
  • Assist with issues reported as bugs/issues originating from the default installed template and default configuration

The following are not supported:

  • Assistance with HTML, CSS, PHP, and TPL modification
  • Assistance with images – e.g. resizing, modifying, etc.
  • Troubleshooting local Internet connectivity issues
  • The configuration of ‘external’ services – e.g. Google Base, Amazon Checkout, etc.

If you would like to us personalize your reCommerce site please visit our ShopRW services page. If you would like us to customize your ShopRW site please contact us for an itemized quote.

Upgrading your reCommerce website

ShopRW utilizes a third-party shopping cart called X-CART.  X-CART releases updates to their shopping cart system on regular basis.  Our goal is to make sure that your reCommerce shopping cart system is running as stable as possible and has all the latest features which make shopping easy and pleasurable for your customers.  When a patch for X-Cart is released that fixes an issue that could impact reCommerce users (such as a patch to accommodate an update made to a 3rd party shipping service’s API), we will analyze the patch and attempt to apply it to all sites in a timely fashion.

ShopRW Website Updates

When X-Cart releases a major update, we evaluate the significance and level of impact of the changes made in the update. We then make a decision whether to apply the entire update, whether to apply a portion of the update, or whether to ignore the update. If we choose to apply any portion of the update, we will go through a testing phase to ensure that the update can be successfully applied to existing sites. Once the tests check out, we will apply and announce the changes. This process can take anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks once the update has been released. We may not evaluate every release.

Customized websites

reCommerce sites that have been heavily customized may not be able to be upgraded as easily as sites with little or no customizations. Additional work may be required for these heavily modified sites. In such cases, updates will not be automatically applied. Upon request, we will make an assessment of the work necessary to apply the update, and we will prepare a quote. In most cases, applying an X-Cart upgrade to a customized site can take anywhere between 1 – 4 hours, however, it may take longer depending on the number of changes in the upgrade and the amount of custom work that has been applied to your site. You can decide which course of action you would like to take in updating your store. Please remember that upgrading is not required.