Software support and tag plan.

Support and tag plan includes unlimited assistance and friendly advice from trained Liberty software experts. Also, save BIG on tags with a Super Saver Plan (SSP) and have them delivered right to your doorstep!

Our support and tag plan covers your business from Liberty software all the way up to complete care!

Support Plan

Why you should consider a Support Plan Factor (SPF)?

The standard support plan includes unlimited toll-free telephone support for Liberty software. In addition, all support plan options include FREE version updates. Also, access to our online knowledge base is available 24/7. There you will find a library of hundreds of helpful online tutorials, guides, instructional videos, and FAQ’s.

What is supported?

Our support technicians are here to assist you with any and all Liberty-specific issues. Liberty is software and software is at the mercy of the computer it is installed on. Thus, there are issues that could impact your computer, that is outside the scope of a Support Plan.

With a Support Plan, the following are covered:

  • Assistance with technical issues within Liberty – e.g. troubleshooting error messages, addressing unexpected behavior caused by Liberty, etc.
  • Help installing Liberty on a new computer
  • Providing assistance with basic functionality within Liberty – e.g. launching the program, accessing core options and settings, etc.
  • Assistance downloading and installing Liberty updates

We all know how computers can be and when things start acting up, other programs can be affected. We want you to feel comfortable calling us for any technical issue. If it’s not something that’s being caused by Liberty or if your issue is outside the scope of support, our technicians will at least be able to let you know that it’s not stemming from Liberty. Just knowing that an issue is “printer related” or “Windows related” can help save time and money, should a computer technician be called-in.

Support hours:
Monday – Friday  9A.M to 6P.M est.

Emergency only:
Monday – Friday 6P.M to 8P.M est.
Click here for more information about emergency support.

What is not covered under the standard support plan?

While our technicians are the best in the industry, there are issues that are not covered by a Support Plan. Our technicians will attempt to assist you with non-Liberty issues, but support will only cover issues caused by Liberty. A Support Technician will be able to tell if an issue is Liberty-related or not. Should your issue be deemed outside of the scope of support, assistance from a local, experienced and certified IT professional would be required.

Here is a short list of areas that are not covered by a Support Plan:

  • Printer installation and setup (  see our Printer & Scanners Policy page for more information)
  • “How To” questions, walkthroughs or anything deemed a “Training” call
  • Technical issues caused by 3rd party applications
  • Network setup, configuration or troubleshooting
  • Anti-virus/Firewall/Security troubleshooting or configuration

There is a lot going on inside of a computer. We want your experience with Liberty and Resaleworld to be a positive and productive one. It is beyond Resaleworld’s scope to provide total-system support. Think of Liberty as the train and your computer as the tracks. If the tracks aren’t 100% operational, the train might not be either. We’re not here to hang-up on you though! Our technicians are experienced and well-versed in troubleshooting. If your issue is outside of the scope of a Support Plan though, one of our technicians will explain where he or she believes the issue is stemming from. At that point, again, a local, experienced and certified IT professional would be required.

No. of Users Per Month
Single user $20.95
2 User Network $30.95
3 User Network $39.95
4 User Network $44.95
5 User Network $50.95
6 User Network $58.95
7 User Network $66.95
8 User Network $74.95
9 User Network $82.95
10 User Network $96.95
15 User Network $123.95
20 User Network $152.95
25 User Network $194.95

Note: All prices shown for Tags and Support are monthly; however, we only offer annual and quarterly payment options.

Note: 4/1/13 Technical Support for L2K2 is available at a rate of an additional $10.00 per month.

Extended Support Plan

We now offer an Extended Support Plan which adds additional coverage to our standard support plan. We use monitoring services to keep an eye on the health of your PCs and are automatically notified of significant problems, allowing our team to minimize (and in many cases eliminate) downtime. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that we’re managing your Liberty backups, as well as those of critical non-liberty documents. Adding Extended Support coverage will drastically reduce your reliance on third-party technical assistance.

What you need to know.

The Liberty Server must be included as part of Extended Support coverage. The number of workstations you choose to cover is not dependent on the number of Liberty Licenses you own. You can cover as many or as few workstations as you want. You can even cover workstations that don’t have Liberty installed if you wish.

Click here to learn more about what Extended Support covers.


Liberty Desktop

System Per Month
Liberty Server $35.00
Add’l workstations $15.00 per PC

Liberty Cloud

System Per Month
Workstations $15.00/month per PC

Support & Tag Plan

Why subscribe to a Super Saver Plan (SSP)?

Resaleworld usually releases new UPGRADES to Liberty approximately 2-3 times a year. These upgrades include new features and add-ons that help increase productivity.

Our support and tag plan, entitles you to these FREE upgrades. Being on a support plan factor (SPF) for support alone will only qualify you for bug fixes ‘updates‘  for the current version you have installed.  An SSP tag plan allows you to receive all ‘upgrades‘ FREE of charge as long as you have maintained an SSP tag plan without interruption to your subscription.

Software Updates

Updates are bug fixes within a version. For instance, if you installed version 4.0 and you are on an SPF (Support) Plan, you would get 4.0a, 4.0b, 4.0c, 4.0d free, as they would be considered bug fixes (updates) for that specific version of Liberty.

Software Upgrades

Upgrades are versions of the software where new features are released. Going from version 4.0 to 4.1 would be considered an upgrade.  Upgrades are released about every 4 to 5 months so that we can continue to maintain a high-quality product for our customers.

Support Plan (SPF) vs. Support and Tag Plan (SSP)
Plan Benefits FREE
Support Plan Factor (SPF) Free version updates and unlimited phone assistance; Extended hours and weekend hours for emergencies.
Super Saver Plan (SSP) Free version updates and unlimited phone assistance; Extended hours and weekend hours for emergencies. Adding the Tag plan within 30 days of your original software purchase ‘or’ if you purchase a next level upgrade. You can qualify for free future software upgrades as long as you keep/stay current on your SSP plan.
Super Saver Plan (SSP) Tag Options
Tag Plan Options Amount Pricing
Plan16 16,000 tags per year $21.00/month
Plan24 24,000 tags per year $29.00/month
Plan32 32,000 tags per year $37.17/month
Plan48 48,000 tags per year $55.00/month

Note: Tag Plan Pricing includes shipping via UPS Ground.

Upgrade Pricing

Pricing for customers not on a Super Saver Plan (SSP).

If you are not on an SSP plan and you wish to upgrade to the latest version of Liberty, please contact our sales department at 800-785-4800 for further details.

À la carte Support

À la carte Support pricing is available only to customers on a Support Plan. Pricing is in-addition to your Support Plan.

The Extended Support Plan includes many of the À la carte options.

Support Services Pricing
Printer/Bar Code Scanner Support Click here for more info
Basic Computer Diagnostics Click here for more info
Antivirus Software Troubleshooting/Config. Click here for more info
General Windows Support Click here for more info
Network Troubleshooting/Config. Click here for more info
Data Services Click here for more info
Moving Liberty + Data To 1 New PC Click here for more info
QuickBooks Troubleshooting Click here for more info
After Hours/Weekend Assistance please call for pricing


Training Style Pricing
Classroom Training Days 1 & 2 $295.00
Webinar Online Training $29.00/per course
Phone Training $100.00/hour
On-site Training please call for pricing and availability